Global Goals Book Club

Welcome to the Global Goals Book Club!

Joanne, Birgit and Jessica from the Global Citizenship team have been busy coming up with some ideas to help you learn what it means to be a Global Citizen.

We decided that reading a book is always a good idea and thought it would be nice to set up our very own Global Goals Book Club and we hope you will join us!

Each month we will choose one of the Global Goals and pick a book that will help you learn all about that goal. If you don’t know what the Global Goals are, you can find out more here. You will not have to buy the book as we have a link to someone reading the book for you every month, so you can just sit back and relax!

We are also very excited to have teamed up with the creative team of Head, heart & hands ltd. Each month Arran and Linda will be reading, tale telling and offering activities for the book club. You can read more about them at: 

All you have to do is click on one of the goal icons below and get started. We have lots of great activities to go with each book. Don’t forget to check back each month for a new story.

We hope you will have lots of fun! Enjoy!

This collaborative project had been funded by Irish Aid

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