Global Goals Book Club, Goal 12, Responsible Consumption and Production

Green-Schools Global Goals Book Club Explainer and Character Profile

Age Group: Primary 

Today we ask you to read or listen to the story of The Lorax (or if you have the book at home you can also read it yourself), and then you can complete the activity sheet where you can write and draw your favourite character.

We hope that you dive into the lovely activities we have created for every day this week. We hope you will have lots of fun! Enjoy!


New Resource! The Lorax’s ‘Ideal Island’

Age Group: Senior Primary

The following activities encourage creativity, teamwork and critical thinking whilereinforcing the connection between The Lorax and Global Goal 12. It allows students to visually express their understanding of responsible behaviours and their role in promotinga more sustainable world, just like the Lorax did in the story.


Activity – Persuasive Writing: If I was the Lorax I would…

Age Group: Primary

Today you can read or listen to the story again and then we are going to ask you to put yourself into the Lorax’s shoes and tell us what would you have said to try and persuade the Oncler to stop cutting down the Truffula trees? Do you think the Lorax could have been more persuasive?


Activity – The Lorax Craft Mission

Age Group: Primary

Let your imagination go wild with this crafting activity, we look forward to seeing your art work! Watch the step-by-step guide on how to create your own Truffula trees in the video below.


Activity – The Lorax Goes Global

Age Group: Primary 

There are links below to lots of videos explaining the Global Goals and we even have Thomas the Tank Engine explaining Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. After you have learnt about them we ask you to do the Wants and Needs activity to explore what you can do to help make the goals become a reality. Have fun!

Malala introducing the The Worlds Largest Lesson from World’s Largest Lesson on Vimeo.


Granny/Grandson call – Mind the Gap

Age Group: Primary

Please enjoy the video below and an activity created by one of our Green-Schools friends, Arran Towers. Arran, with his organisation Mind the Gap, has been offering themed performances and workshops to schools going for the Global Citizenship themes, mostly about Fairtrade, to support their Green-Schools work for the Global Citizenship theme. This video will teach you a little bit about Fairtrade and about our connections to people all around the world through the food supply chain. Your activity is to create a paper people chain.


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