Global Goals Book Club: Goal 9 Innovation & Infrastructure

This is the story of William Kamkwamba who helped his village by creating a windmill to help bring water to the crops to help them grow so people in his village had enough to eat.

Links to Goal: Goal 9 Innovation and Infrastructure


Sit back, relax and listen to the story! Senior primary can listen to the version of the story below, which is an audio file, and children are encouraged to do the doodling activity below while listening


A version of the book reading, possibly for junior primary students, can be found below:


Character Profile

Once you have listened to the story you are ready to fill out the Character Profile sheet here.


Now get ready to meet William himself describing his project and the impact it had for his family and community:


If you would like to know how William is doing now have a look at the following short video:


Persuasive Writing Activity

If you could choose one thing to change about the world , what would it be? Fill in the persuasive writing activity sheet here. 


Now we are moving on to our very own Green-Schools storyteller Arran! Please listen to Arran introducing the book club reading of the month:

And then you can move onto listen to Arran’s story The Glass Cabinet and the Soup Stone


Are you ready for another fun activity? Try out Linda’s activity on how to make your very own windmill:


Now have a look at the factsheet about wind turbines in Ireland and if you think you are ready to test your knowledge you can go to the Great Big Windy Quiz below:


Last but most certainly not least we are back to Arran who will be demonstrating two innovative solutions to problems that prevent children in some countries to attend school and studying effectively: The Shoe That Grows and the GravityLight: 



Finally, we’d love to hear from you. tell us if you liked the story by filling out this quick feedback form:


Don’t forget to check back next month for a new book!

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