Global Goals Book Club: Goal 8, Decent Work & Economic Growth

Its time to learn about Global Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth! In Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin the cows have a unique skill, they can type! This skill helps them try to negotiate better working conditions with Farmer Brown.  But Farmer Brown has never seen anything like this before. Read the story to see what Farmer Brown decides to do about these persistent cows and determine if the farm is a decent work environment! 

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  • Age group: Junior Infants – 1st Class 

    Put yourself in the place of the cows by making this cow crown, click here to download.

  • Age Group: 2nd Class – 5th Class 

    If you were one of the cows, what would you want from Farmer Brown? Put your letter writing skills to work: click here to download.

  • Age Group: 1st class – 3rd class 

    In the story we heard what the cows, hens, and ducks wanted but what do you think the pigs would ask for? Practice your predictions now: click here to download.

  • Age Group: 1st Class – 2nd Class 

    Where did the story take place? What were all the characters? What was the main problem? Answer these questions and more to show all you know about the story:click here to download.

  • Age Group: 1st Class – 3rd Class 

    Summarise the story and get crafty! Click here to download.

  • Age Group1st Class – 2nd Class 

    Exercise those mathematic skills and learn what your peers thought of Farmer Brown’s choice with this survey and graph making activity: click here to download.

  • Age Group1st Class – 3rd Class 

    There was lots of new vocabulary words in the story, learn what they mean so you can use them tooClick here to download.

  • Age Group1st Class –2nd Class 

    We met quite a few farm animals in the story, can you remember all that they wanted from Farmer Brown? Sow what you know: click here to download.

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