Global Goals Book Club: Goal 10, Reduced Inequalities

The newest addition to the Travellers’ Tales series by Richard O’Neill is The Lost Homework. Sonny spends a very busy weekend helping his local community and fellow Travellers with a variety of interesting tasks. When Sunday evening comes around Sonny realises, he has lost his homework! What will his teacher say?! This lovely story highlights the importance of skills learned outside of traditional classrooms and presents a unique perspective that can only be given authentically by an author that grew up in a community just like Sonny’s.

Let’s get reading!


Learn about Sonny’s cultural history by watching the History of Irish Travellers: 


Age group: Junior Infants – Fifth Class

Sonny helped the community centre restore his grandma’s old Vardo, now its your turn to design your own! 


Age Group: 1st – 3rd class

Let’s take a closer look at the main character Sonny, and how he overcame the challenges faced in the story! 


Age Group: 1st – 3rd class

Exercise your geography skills by helping Sonny find the best route to go to his cousin’s wedding 


Age Group: 2nd – 5th class

You may have learned some new words Sonny and his neighbours used, take it to the next level and learn some useful phrases! 


Age Group: 2nd – 6th class

Global Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities is all about fighting discrimination, think about how you can act now! 


Age Group: 3rd – 6th class

Learn more about Global Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities and think about how you can fight discrimination individually and as a community.  


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