Global Goals Book Club: Goal 14, Life Below Water

We are Water Protectors is a beautiful picture book released in response to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Follow along with the main character, an Ojibwe girl, who fights against the pipeline in order to not only save her communities water supply but everything that needs water to survive. This Global Goal Book Club book features limited activities, so you can get inspired and then take time to get outdoors and start protecting water near you! 

Water you waiting for? Get reading!  



Age Group: Junior Infants – Fifth Class 

Learn about the process illustrator, Michaela Goade, went through to illustrate the book. Then bring out your artistic side by creating your own action for rivers illustrations and taking the Water Protectors Pledge.  


See Water Protectors in action!  


Age Group: 5th class – Secondary School

In honour of International Day of Action for Rivers we wanted to offer a special workshop for older students. Also focused on the theme of Water Protectors, first read through the lesson plan and then have students work through the activity sheet to provoke engaging discussions!  


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