Green-Schools Stay Home – Travel

We’re really excited to show you some cool stuff you can do at home to keep helping the environment. In this page, we have put Travel-themed videos, quizzes, tips, and activities that students can enjoy doing at home. Every week below is full of activities, shares and ideas for students in the age categories of Junior Primary (Infants – 2nd class), Senior Primary (3rd – 6th class) and Secondary School (1st – 6th year). The activities will help students learn about the positives of sustainable and active travel; and how we can improve our health and the health of the environment by reducing emissions created by vehicles. The activities have been split into weekly activities. You can start doing them at anytime. Please tell us how you get on with any photos or videos or put them on social media with the hashtag #GreenSchoolsStayHome

Sample Week A

Monday Activity – ‘City in a Box’

Age Group: Primary Senior, and Secondary (Junior Cycle)

Cities and towns are often planned and built with only adults in mind. But did you know that by law children fully have the right to participate in public decision making? If you could design and plan a space that you feel would benefit the whole community and enhance our beautiful natural environment what would you create? A common method for young people to design how they envisage moving in a sustainable and living city is through model making. Follow this ten minute video guide for inspiration where Green-Schools Officer Rebecca will give you some ideas on how to build your very own sustainable city.

Tuesday Lesson- Bike Safety

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior, Secondary

Green-Schools Cycling Development and Travel Officer, Allison Phillips, goes through some quick checks with her bike before setting off on a cycle. Since the roads and our lives are not as busy at the moment, now might be a great time to get back on the bike with your family! Cycling is a fun way to explore your local area and get to school. In this video, Allison goes through 3 quick and easy checks; your brakes, tyres, and helmet. Check back in with us to do a more thorough check of different parts of the bike. Did you know as a part of Green-Schools Travel and Global Citizenship Travel your school can avail of cycle training, bike maintenance workshops, and CYCLE RIGHT training grants?

Wednesday Lesson- Scooter Safety

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior

County Mayo based Green-Schools Travel Officer Lukasz Krzywon, along with Mateusz and Oliver from Glencorrib National School, demonstrate scooter skills and safety tips. Scooting is a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable way for kids to arrive to school in the morning. Did you know that as part of the Green-Schools Travel theme you can avail of scooter skills training from your Travel Officer?

Thursday Activity – Make a mini Biome for Clean Air

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior

Here is this how-to video where Travel Officer Jess shows you how to make a forest biome in a jar. A biome is large region of the world where similar climate, animals and plants exist together. Air quality is important for our own health as well as for the health of the environment. Air can become polluted from vehicle emissions as well as other emitters such as industry, intensive agriculture and natural sources such as volcanic eruptions. Protecting biomes and reducing pollutant emissions is key to ensure that the air we breathe is clean and good quality.

Friday Share – A throwback to the Rush Hour Race for #ClimateActionWeek

Age Group: All

The Green-Schools and Climate Ambassador teams joined forces during #ClimateActionWeek 2019 to recreate the 1979 RTÉ Rush Hour Race in Dublin’s fair city. 6 commuters from all over Dublin travelled over 10km starting at 8:15am in a race to the Ha’penny Bridge by foot, bike, Luas, Dart, bus and car. Who will win, place your bets!

Sample Week B

Monday Activity – Learn and Test your knowledge on the SDGs

Age Group: Primary Senior and Secondary

Here at Green-Schools, we’re testing new learning tools. Read some facts about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and test your knowledge afterwards with this interactive and fun quiz. As part of the Global Citizenship Travel theme Green-Schools focused on four SDGs; Good Health and Well-being, Reduced Inequality, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Climate Action. In about 8 min you’ll learn about what these Global Goals are, who is responsible for them and how you can help to make a world a better place. Give it a go and share with others.

Tuesday Lesson – Helmet Fitting

Age Group: All

Green-Schools Travel Officer Allison talks you through fun and easy to remember steps to ensure proper helmet fitting.

Wednesday Lesson – Pumping Tires

Age Group: All

In this video Green-Schools Travel Officer Róisín explains how to effectively pump bike tires in the first of a series of ‘Bike Stuff’ tips.

Thursday Activity – Help Tara and Seán Cycle to School

Age Group: Junior Primary

It’s a maze out there and both Tara and Seán need a helping hand to find the quickest way to school. If you can print out the below puzzles you can use a pencil to find the way to school, or if you are looking at a screen you can simply use your finger to navigate the way! Some journeys are quicker and easier but as we all know – some are harder and longer, why not start with the easy ones first.

Friday Share – Scoot to School Week 2020

Age Group: All

Scoot to School week was cut a little short in 2020 but early on in the week Travel Officers delivered lots of scooting workshops in schools nationwide. Here are some of the highlights. Check out the safety and skills videos we looked at earlier this week and if you are enjoying scooting around your local area, tag us @GreenSchoolsIre to share with us the skills you have learned.

Sample Week C

Monday Activity – Stepping through History in Fingal

Age Group: All

How well do you know your 5km radius zone? Whilst we couldn’t run our annual week-long, walk to school call to action event in 2020, we had an idea to celebrate Walk to School Week 2020 with a twist! We asked (and continue to ask) students and families to take a walk into the great outdoors and discover what their 5km has to offer. This is a unique time in our lives to fully explore and quietly observe our natural surroundings. In this video, Green-Schools Travel Officer Rebecca is exploring her 2km zone in the Fingal area of Howth. Off the beaten track she discovered a wealth of historical sites and found quiet time in nature. Are there any National Heritage Sites in your zone? There is an activity sheet below, which students can bring along on their walk to document their observations.

Tuesday Activity – Fionn the Foot is Rambling around Ireland

Age Group: Primary

Green-Schools Travel Mascot Fionn the Foot is rambling around Ireland, but can you figure out where he is? Take part in the game and tag us on social media @GreenSchoolsIre with your answers!

Wednesday Activity – Discovering Nature along the Grand Canal in Dublin City

Age Group: All

Green-Schools student Evie lives close to Dublin City and loves to explore what nature she can find when out for her walks with mum. In todays ‘Hidden Places’ video Evie wants to show us some of the hidden natural wonders around The Grand Canal in Dublin. If you live in an urban area, why not explore the quieter streets and see what changes you can observe. What are the sounds and smells? Can you spot any plants or wildlife? What is the atmosphere like, are people enjoying walking and cycling? There is an activity sheet below, which students can bring along on their walk to document their observations.

Thursday Activity – Discovering the seashore in County Kerry

Age Group: All

Travel Officer Angela Wall and the family are exploring their Hidden Place in County Kerry. Check how many habitats and wildlife they spotted along the shore! If you live close to the seaside, why not explore the sand for shells or the rock pools for marine life? What are the sights, sounds and smells? Can you spot any fish in the water, or gulls in the sky? What is the atmosphere like, are people enjoying walking and or braving the elements for a swim? There is an activity sheet below, which students can bring along on their walk to document their observations.

Friday Share – Travel Officers in the West and Leinster, Love to Walk

Age Group: All

Travel Officers in the West, love to walk with their families, and are taking part exploring their ‘Hidden Places’ in Counties Donegal, Mayo, Sligo, Galway and Clare. Whilst Officers across the land in Leinster have been out in nature discovering hidden places within their own 2-5km radius zones. See how many animals they spotted along the way and what beautiful scenery they walk through as they explore their 2-5km zone!

Sample Week D

Monday Lesson- Cycle Safely with Young Children

Age Group: All

Green-Schools Travel Officer Ellen has made this video for parents and guardians with tips on how to cycle safely with young children. Learn about proper helmet fitting and road positioning to ensure your family cycle is safe and relaxing. There is an activity sheet below, which kids can complete to test what they have learnt about cycling safety.

Tuesday Activity – Calculating the CO2 Saved in a Week

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

In this activity we aim to answer the question: how much travel related CO2 has quarantine saved? Our lives have changed a lot over the last few months so let’s work out how this change has affected the amount of travel related CO2 we normally produce.

Wednesday Lesson – Adjusting the Ideal Saddle Height

Age Group: All

In this video Green-Schools Travel Officer Róisín explains how to measure the ideal saddle height for your bike in the second of a series of ‘Bike Stuff’ tips.

Gníomhaíocht dé Déardaoin – Cuidigh le Tara agus Seán Rothaíocht ar Scoil

Rang: Naíonáin

Tá na bóithre trína chéile agus tá lámh cúnta ag teastáil ó Tara agus Seán fáil amach an bhealach is tapúla ar scoil. Is féidir na fadhbpictiúirí seo thíos a phriontáil amach agus peann luaidhe a úsáid chun an bhealach ar scoil a fháil amach, nó do mhéar a úsáid díreach ar an scáileán má’s earr leat. Tá turais de gach deacracht anseo. Ná bí buartha má bhaineann sé tamall asat a dhéanamh – bíonn siúlach scéalach!

Friday Share – #andshecycles Campaign Launch Panel Discussion

Age Group: Secondary

Green-Schools officially launched the #andshecycles campaign on Thursday September 19, at an event in the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin. Following the launch, at the beginning of 2020 the #andshecycles Roadshow rolled out nationwide. This travelling roadshow campaign was unfortunately postponed however we wish to share the recording of the Dublin Panel event for Week 5’s Travel ‘Friday Share’. Next Week for Friday’s Share we will feature the Mayo panel event recording, which took place in February this year.

Sample Week E

Monday Activity – Flower Fairy Hunt

Age Group: Primary Junior No need for journeying, seeking afar; Where there are flowers, the fairies are! Let’s find some magic in your 5km, watch the clip below of a little fairy who loves walking in nature and identifying beautiful flowers! Take the activity sheet with you so you can sketch what you find!

Tuesday Activity – Street Awareness Survey

Age Group: All

Get to know your own area. Take part in this simple survey to see if your area is safe to walk or cycle on and what the area might need to make it safer. Click on the survey to get started and send us your results to be in with the chance to win these awesome prizes!

Wednesday Lesson – Adventures with Sounds Part 1 Listen to your world

Age Group: Primary

What do you hear when you go outside and really listen? What do other places sound like? Adventures with sounds is a new resource pack designed to take a closer look at our sound environment. Today we will take a look at the first activity in this pack which is called ‘ Listen to your world’.

Thursday Activity – Sustainable Development Goal 3 Quiz Health and Well-being

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

The Global Citizenship Travel theme links to four of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Goal number 3 is Health and Well-being and active travel is a means of improving air quality, by reducing air pollution and switching to sustainable forms of transport. Learn and test your knowledge about this goal with this fun and interactive quiz.

Friday Share – A message for next week’s Air Quality Activities

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

The quality of the air around us is very important as it directly affects our health and the environment we live in. Friday, 5 June 2020 was World Environment Day so for Sample Week F we have lots of resources and activities centered around air quality. Have a look at our welcome message from Green-Schools Officer Jess, she is going to tell you all about the wonder resources which her fellow Officer Karen Moore planned for you!

Sample Week F

Stay Home Travel – Sample Week F: World Bicycle Day & Air Quality

Wednesday Lesson – Celebrate World Bicycle Day with ‘Cycle Checks’

Age Group: Primary and Junior Secondary

It’s World Bicycle Day! Before heading out for a cycle make sure you do 4 simple checks: helmet, clothes, bike, and conditions. Travel Officer Dave will explain how to do these quick checks before heading off. After learning about the 4 Cycle Checks with Travel Officer Dave, test your knowledge and challenge yourself to our Cycle Checks quiz. Do you have what it takes to be a Cycle Check Champion?

Gníomhaíocht dé Céadaoin – Ceithre Cinntiú Rothaíochta

Rang: Bunscoil agus Meánscoil

Lá Idirnáisiúnta an Rothar atá ann! Sula dtéann sibh amach ag rothaíocht, cinntigí go bhfuil na ceithre cinntiú seo leanas déanta agaibh: Clogad, Éadaí, Rothar agus Aimsir. Míníonn Dave conas ullmhú le haghaidh turas rothair! Tráth na gCeist le teacht go luath

Thursday Lesson – Introduction to Food Miles

Age Group: Senior Primary and Junior Secondary

In this video we are introduced to Food Miles. This is our first resource on Food Miles and it will be followed on with further resources in the coming weeks. In this video we look at where our food comes from, how far it has to travel and how this relates to climate change. There are 3 activities in this video where students can investigate Food Miles in their homes. If the students wish, they can do these activities after watching the video.

- Firstly, we look at mapping some food products. Here the student will need some food products, a blank world map, pencil and an atlas to help. If the student is unable to print off the map included in this resource they may simply explore the origins of their food using an atlas or Google Maps.

- The second activity, looks at calculating Food Miles. Here, the student will need to access to a computer and internet to calculate Food Miles using the website

- The third activity, the student creates a food diary where they list the food items in two of their meals and where the food comes from.

Friday, 5 June – World Environment Day

Age Group: Senior Primary and Junior Secondary

The quality of the air around us is very important as it directly affects our health and the environment we live in. Have a look at our welcome message from Green-Schools Officer Jess, she is going to tell you all about the wonderful resources which her fellow Officer Karen Moore has planned for you to celebrate World Environment Day!


- Activity 1: Sources of pollution activity sheet. Air pollution is not the same everywhere. Different pollutants are released into the air from a wide range of sources. Can you identify the sources of air pollution in the graphic? Click on the graphic for a larger printable PDF.

- Activity 2: Get to know pollutants. There are many pollutants that affect the quality of our air we breathe. Have a look at suggestions on the activity sheet 2 and find out more for yourself.

- Activity 3a and 3b: Air pollution around the World. Ireland’s air is relatively clean but sadly this is not the case for all countries. In activity 3 you will investigate what is happening in the air around the world and come up with solutions to help improve air quality. Use the world map to help complete the activity.

- Activity 4: Steps to breathing better air. What can we do to improve air quality? Well the good news is that together we can all play our part in improving the air around us. Even small changes to our day to day lives can make a big difference to the quality of the air we breathe. Have a look at the ideas in activity 4 and see what you can pledge to do today!

Sample Week G

Monday Activity – Fiseán faoi dul ar do scútar

Age Group: Primary

Léiríonn an fiseán seo scileanna scútair do pháistí óga. Ritheann sé tríd ceithre rudaí ba cheart duit a chinntiú sula dtéann tú ar an scútar: 1. Do chlogad, 2. Do scútar, 3. D’éadaí agus 4. Na cosáin. Múineann an fiseán na scileanna seo: 1. Ag tosú, 2. Ag stopadh, 3.Sleamhnaigh agus 4.Crom.

Tuesday Activity – Fionn the Foot Quiz

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior

Fionn the Foot took a Walk around Ireland – can you guess where he is? There are 10 questions in this interactive quiz

Wednesday Activity – Exploring Bus Transport

Age Group: Junior and Senior Primary

Do you love technical drawing? Try you hand at copying some of these bus specification drawings or simply colour them in (maybe you can use your county colours!). Learn about the fleet size and capacities of local and city buses. Click on the drawing below to get started.

Thursday Lesson – Sustainable Development Goal 10 – Reduced inequalities

Age Group: Senior Primary and Junior Secondary

The Global Citizenship Travel theme links directly to four of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Goal number 10 is Reduced Inequalities. Green-Schools Travel supports people of all backgrounds and abilities in travelling sustainably. Learn and test your knowledge about this goal with this fun and interactive quiz.

Friday Share – #andshecycles Roadshow Launch

Age Group: Secondary

On February 6 2020, the #andshecycles campaign launched its Roadshow in Castlebar, Mayo with a panel event and exhibition in the Leisure Complex at Lough Lannagh. Broadcaster, Angelina Nugent, lead the event as MC, along with panellists including Green-Schools Travel Officer, Caitriona Cunningham, Mayo Ladies Footballer Katheryn Sullivan, cyclist Saoirse O’Reilly and Mayo secondary students St. Joseph’s Ann Sibi, Davitt College’s Emer and Fiona Minish and Sacred Heart’s Ariadna Gomez-Kelly. The participating women and students on the panel had so many positive and encouraging stories but feel strongly to speak about the issues that they face as they take to the roads as a young female cyclist. Have a listen to the audio recording in the YouTube link below.

Sample Week H

Monday Lesson – #CelebrateCycling Interviews

Age Group: All

To #celebratecycling Green-Schools has interviewed some young cyclists to learn about what cycling means to them. Tune in its as easy as riding a bike!

Monday Activity – Street Awareness

Age Group: Primary

With our love for cycling and walking, we are asking people to look at their local streets from a cyclist’s point of view. Similar to the ‘walkability audits’ that Green-Schools students complete as part of their Travel flag, we want you to cycle on your local road, your route to school or wherever you have been enjoying recently and complete the activity sheet below.

The more we are aware of the hazards and infrastructure, or lack of, that surround us, the more we can make informed choices for improved future developments. Do complete the activity sheet form and show us your results on Twitter or Facebook! Happy cycling!

Monday Lesson – How to Teach your Child to Cycle

Age Group: All

Green Schools Travel Officer Edwina Coman has created a step-by-step video to show you how to teach your child to cycle. If your child can pedal and balance they will be well on their way to mastering the skill of cycling!

Tuesday Lesson – Cycling Using a Child Carrier and Towing Bar

Age Group: All

Travel Officer Lukasz Krzywon talks about cycling with children using a carrier and the towing bar. Both of these are easy solutions to go longer distances with children who are less confident on the road or not fit for longer journeys. The towing bar can be also a very good way to bring your child’s bike to school and cycling home instead of using a car.

Tuesday Activity – Bling your Bike

Age Group: All

Here are a few bike based activities, using your arts and crafts skills, to give your bikes a fancy dress make-over. Decorating the bikes can happen at home, at a table or on the floor, in the bike yard, even in the garden, with the help of your parents/carers. A fun activity for the whole family!

Tuesday Activity – Let’s Draw a Bike

Age Group: All

In this video Travel Officer Sorcha Brophy will guide you through how to draw your own bike using simple shapes. You can make your drawing as easy or as complicated as you like!

Wednesday Lesson – Mini Bike Craft

Age Group: Primary

Green-Schools invites you to get crafty and create your own miniature bicycle out of recycled materials. This inspiring activity has been delivered in schools across the country since 2013 and this year we are inviting you to send in pictures of your creations. Click on the image below to get started!

Wednesday Activity – Bicycle Safe/Unsafe Test

Age Group: Junior and Senior Primary

Pump the brakes and test your knowledge on bike safety with our Safe/Unsafe Worksheet! Click on the image below to get started and then check your answers on the answer sheet.

Thursday Podcast – #CelebrateCycling RTE Ecolution Podcast

Age Group: All

Wow, we just love RTÉjr’s latest #CelebrateCycling Podcast episode and we know you will too! Hear from Cycling Development Officer Allison Phillips, Green-Schools Travel Manger Jane Hackett, Green-Schools students Evie and Fraya, Secondary School Development Officer Robbie Egan, and #andshecycles panelists Davitt College’s Emer and Fiona Minish. Have a listen to get #CelebrateCycling inspired from people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences!

Thursday Webinar – #CelebrateCycling: Perspectives on Health, Growth & Transition

Age Group: All

In this webinar, a combination of speakers across the Irish cycling world will present three unique perspectives that give us cause to #CelebrateCycling. You will need a registered ticket to join the webinar.

Thursday Lesson – Sketch your Cycle

Age Group: Primary and Junior Secondary

In this activity sheet you can write or draw about one of your happy positive cycling experiences. Where did it take place? Was anyone with you? Why did you enjoy it so much? What do you like about cycling? Let’s celebrate cycling together!

Thursday Activity – Cyclability Audit

Age Group: Primary Senior and Secondary

Have you explored how cycle-friendly it is to your school or in your area? The roads have never been quieter – now is your chance to get out on your bike #CelebrateCycling and find your route! Travel Officer Sorcha recorded a cyclability audit for The Friary Boy’s in Dundalk – check it out and let us know if you have your own bike adventures.

Thursday Activity – DIY Bike Rim Wreaths

Age Group: Primary Senior and Secondary

Celebrate your love of cycling by creating a beautiful Bike Rim Wreath. All you need is paint, natural materials, string and an old bike rim of course. Why not create a personalised wreath for your cycling buddy’s garden? This is a simple yet very effective activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Click on the image below to get crafty!

Friday Activity – Bike craft with recycled stuff

Age Group: Primary and Junior Secondary

To celebrate #CelebrateCycling week why not get crafty and create a bike picture using bits n pieces found around your home, such as bottle lids, buttons and pipe cleaners. Watch this video for some inspiration on how to go about it. Enjoy being creative!

Friday Activity – Bicycle Safety Word Scramble

Age Group: Primary

Now that you’ve had a whole week celebrating cycling do you think you know bikes inside and out? Test your knowledge with our Bike Safety Word Scramble activity sheet!

Friday Activity – Obstacle Course

Age Group: Primary

Get on your bike in whatever space you have. Challenge yourself to create an obstacle course in your garden/ cul-de-sac/ driveway, wherever there is no traffic. Use things found around your garden to create obstacles and markers. Practice starting, stopping, balancing, and turning and most of all have fun! Check out our video to see how one family created an obstacle course in their back garden.

Sample Week I

Monday Activity – Balance Bike Tips

Age Group: Junior Primary

Cycling is all about balance and coordination. Working with your child to develop these areas is key to learning how to cycle safely and quickly. This simple tip sheet is designed for parents to help them along with this process. Click on the image to get started!

Tuesday Activity – Create your own Travel snacks

Age Group: Junior Primary

Create your own travel themed snacks for picnics or lunchtime. This activity is a great way to discuss different modes of transport and explore different types of fruit and vegetables with preschool and junior primary children.

Wednesday Activity – Adventures with sounds – Create your own Soundmap

Age Group: Junior and Senior Primary

Sound mapping is a great way to become more aware of your local environment and measure the diversity of signs around you. This activity is part of our new Adventures with Sounds resource which invites students to explore and develop their aural senses which is an important skill for road safety.

Thursday Lesson – Food Miles part 2. How do reduce them?

Age Group: Senior Primary and Junior Secondary

In the previous Food Miles lesson from week 8 we looked at where our food comes from, how far it has to travel and how this relates to climate change. Today we will learn about three ways we can reduce our Food Miles.

This resource pack includes a video highlighting 3 ways we can reduce our Food Miles accompanied by an information sheet. There are 2 activities in this resource pack. The first is “Investigating Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables”, by using the Best in Season calendar students must fill the information. An answer sheet is included. The second activity is “Creating a meal with Low Food Miles”, this is a short video, Green-Schools Travel Officer Jennifer Cooney shows how she made a delicious meal using local food items. Make sure to tag #GreenSchoolsStayHome with your delicious meals.

Friday Share – Cycling in Cuba lesson

Age Group: All

Bicycles became the most important mode of transport for Cubans during the early 1990s when the island nation suffered a massive economic collapse (called the ‘Special Period’ by Fidel Castro). During that period China donated approximately one million bikes to Cuba as a way to ease the difficulties created by the lack of transportation and fuel embargo. Click on the image below for a lesson on active travel within the Island nation.

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