Stay Home Travel- Sample Week A

Monday Activity – ‘City in a Box’

Age Group: Primary Senior, and Secondary (Junior Cycle)

Cities and towns are often planned and built with only adults in mind. But did you know that by law children fully have the right to participate in public decision making? If you could design and plan a space that you feel would benefit the whole community and enhance our beautiful natural environment what would you create? A common method for young people to design how they envisage moving in a sustainable and living city is through model making. Follow this ten minute video guide for inspiration where Green-Schools Officer Rebecca will give you some ideas on how to build your very own sustainable city.

Things to Think About Before you Start Designing


Tuesday Lesson- Bike Safety

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior, Secondary

Green-Schools Cycling Development and Travel Officer, Allison Phillips, goes through some quick checks with her bike before setting off on a cycle. Since the roads and our lives are not as busy at the moment, now might be a great time to get back on the bike with your family! Cycling is a fun way to explore your local area and get to school. In this video, Allison goes through 3 quick and easy checks; your brakes, tyres, and helmet. Check back in with us to do a more thorough check of different parts of the bike. Did you know as a part of Green-Schools Travel and Global Citizenship Travel your school can avail of cycle training, bike maintenance workshops, and CYCLE RIGHT training grants?

Wednesday Lesson- Scooter Safety

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior

County Mayo based Green-Schools Travel Officer Lukasz Krzywon, along with Mateusz and Oliver from Glencorrib National School, demonstrate scooter skills and safety tips. Scooting is a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable way for kids to arrive to school in the morning. Did you know that as part of the Green-Schools Travel theme you can avail of scooter skills training from your Travel Officer?

Thursday Activity – Make a mini Biome for Clean Air

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior

Here is this how-to video where Travel Officer Jess shows you how to make a forest biome in a jar. A biome is large region of the world where similar climate, animals and plants exist together. Air quality is important for our own health as well as for the health of the environment. Air can become polluted from vehicle emissions as well as other emitters such as industry, intensive agriculture and natural sources such as volcanic eruptions. Protecting biomes and reducing pollutant emissions is key to ensure that the air we breathe is clean and good quality.

Friday Share – A throwback to the Rush Hour Race for #ClimateActionWeek

Age Group: All

The Green-Schools and Climate Ambassador teams joined forces during #ClimateActionWeek 2019 to recreate the 1979 RTÉ Rush Hour Race in Dublin’s fair city. 6 commuters from all over Dublin travelled over 10km starting at 8:15am in a race to the Ha’penny Bridge by foot, bike, Luas, Dart, bus and car. Who will win, place your bets!



Sadly not!

4th place!


Very close

2nd place!


Correct answer!



Nope! 3rd place

Think again!


In that traffic!?

5th place!


I’d rather not!