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21 September 2020

Environmentally Themed Cartoons, Movies and Documentaries

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Learning about the Earth, it's living creatures and the threats to the environment and to biodiversity can also be done comfortably at home, through a movie. Watching a movie can be pleasant and educational at the same time, despite its' format or the age it's targeted to. For the youngest ones there’s a broad range [...]

20 August 2020

Let’s explore the Rocky Shore

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Let's explore the Rocky Shore with Green-Schools Marine Environment. Do you know your bladderwrack from your kelp? Can you spot a sea anemone in a rock pool? Next time you take a visit to the seashore try spotting some of these common marine species which can be found along an Irish coastline.

5 August 2020

Learn about the Atlantic Salmon

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Learn about the Atlantic Salmon – find out about the life-cycle of this amazing fish and how they spend their lives migrating between freshwater and the Ocean! Check out our fact sheet.

5 August 2020

BBC Trials of Life: One Hundred Million Crabs

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The Christmas Island red crab is a species of land crab that is endemic to Christmas Island and Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean. Watch the amazing annual spawning event of millions of red crabs on Christmas Island, with this great clip from the BBC’s documentary the Trials of Life and then have a go [...]

5 August 2020

Up-cycled Crab

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A great way to reduce waste is by up-cycling used materials. Learn how to make a cute up-cycled  crab. Did you know there are 850 species of crab in the World?! Ghost crab, spider crab, fiddler crab, but to name a few…what will yours be?! Tag us with your creations @GreenSchoolsIre #GreenSchoolsStayHome

5 August 2020

World Oceans Day Quiz!

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Woo-hoo for WORLD OCEANS DAY!! This is the day to celebrate our beautiful Oceans and all the sea-life that inhabits them! World Oceans Day is an international day that takes place annually on 8 June. A great way to celebrate would be by carrying out a beach clean with your classmates. But if you can't [...]

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