Green-Schools welcome Wicklow 30km/h School Speed Limits

Wicklow Schools set for a ‘lovely’ return to school at the end of Summer 2023

Students from Kilcoole National School hosted a ‘Slow Down Campaign Day’ outside their school on Valentine’s Day 2022: a year to the day Wicklow County Council passed 30km/h limits for the vicinities of all schools in Wicklow. Green-Schools Travel are supporters of the Love 30 Campaign and are delighted to congratulate Wicklow County Council on their significant and unprecedented action to introduce a county wide speed limit of 30km/h in the vicinity of all the schools in Wicklow.

Wicklow are the first county in Ireland to introduce 30km/h speed limits at all schools on the island of Ireland which will see schoolchildren living and attending schools in Wicklow benefit from this wonderful move.

Slowing traffic to 30 isn’t to punish drivers, it’s to keep communities and vulnerable road users safe and well. In Finland, communities feared lower speeds would cause delays and congestion, this isn’t the case. In Spain, communities have embraced lower limits, noise is reduced, people feel and are safer, and it helps create such a nicer atmosphere. Now in Ireland Wicklow are hopefully the first of many to bring 30km/h limits outside schools and in other applicable areas!