We are celebrating National Tree Week during the week of 20 – 24 March. We will have lots of great activities to engage with throughout the week, with something to Learn and Get out and do each day.


Learn: Do you know the native trees of Ireland? Learn about them through our Native Tree quiz and Species Cards .

Get out: Discover the Age and Height of a Tree with this LEAF resource sheet and demonstration video. Can you find the oldest and tallest tree on your grounds? Are they the same tree or two different ones? 

Bonus: Take our #HugATree challenge and tag @greenschoolsire in your photo of hugging a native tree!

Take the Quiz!


Learn: Sabrina Moore from Globe Ireland(@GLOBEIreland) will take us on a journey through the seasons. Learn how trees respond to seasons and why this matters to everything in nature, including us! Find out how you can become a citizen scientist by observing your favourite tree.

Watch the “Spring Watch” Webinar with Sabrina Moore, Globe Ireland

Get out: Use the Spring Watch worksheet to observe changes in your favourite tree (compare the branch before and after the Easter holidays).

Play the Web of life game to understand how everything in nature is interconnectedness, including us!

Access the Spring Watch worksheet here
Play the LEAF Web of Life Game


Learn: Talking Trees and How They Defend Themselves” webinar with Green-Schools’ Clare Patten.  Learn how trees can share messages and even resources! We will also investigate how trees can defend themselves from attack by disease and insects. 

Watch the recording below.

Get out: Bare root planting. We are getting to the end of “bare root” planting season so if you can get your hands on a tree or two, why not mark Tree Week by planting a native tree on your grounds or in your local community. 

Learn how to plant bare root trees


Learn:  In this one hour Webinar, “Legendary, Mythical Irish Trees”,  Green-Schools’ Rob Nelson and LEAF Ireland teach us about some of the legends and myths that surround our native trees. 

Watch it below.

Get out:  Head outside with some art supplies and try this relaxing Tree Bark Art activity. 

Try making some Tree Bark Art


Learn:  Native Irish Woodlands Video  Watch this 20 minute video to learn how to identify the different trees and plants you can find in an Irish woodland. 

Get out: Finish off tree week by heading out for a stroll around your school or local park and seeing how many of these trees and plants you can spot in the LEAF Plant Spotter Sheet. 

Check out the LEAF Spotter Sheet here