Global Citizenship – Marine Environment is a maintenance theme that will enable you to discover how your work on the Green-Schools programme has positively influenced environments worldwide while focusing your work on our oceans and seas.

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The total global coastline is over 1.6 million kilometres and coastal eco-systems occur in 123 countries around the world. It is thought that the Marine Environment provides us with products and services worth more than 25 Trillion Euro per year!

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We have really enjoyed working on this theme, it has been a real eye opener for all the children and staff, especially considering how topical this is at the moment. We have all realised the importance of protecting the Marine Environment and that even the smallest step can make a difference. We have really been inspired to do whatever we can, and the children, their parents and the wider community are much more aware and perhaps care much more after working on this theme! Even though we don’t live close to a coast, we have come to realise that our actions can have a huge impact on the Marine Environment

Holy Angels N.S., Clogher, Co. Mayo

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