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24 September 2020

How to Action Plan for Travel

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The Action Plan should be put together early in your Green-Schools Travel programme and it is one of your most important steps; it is the blueprint for the work you are going to do on the Travel theme. Base it on the findings of you Environmental Review (baseline survey results, walking/cycling audits); include steps to [...]

21 September 2020

Environmentally Themed Cartoons, Movies and Documentaries

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Learning about the Earth, it's living creatures and the threats to the environment and to biodiversity can also be done comfortably at home, through a movie. Watching a movie can be pleasant and educational at the same time, despite its' format or the age it's targeted to. For the youngest ones there’s a broad range [...]

14 September 2020

Introduction to Food Miles

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In this video we are introduced to Food Miles. This is our first resource on Food Miles and it will be followed on with further resources in the coming weeks. In this video we look at where our food comes from, how far it has to travel and how this relates to climate change. There [...]

14 September 2020

Balance Bike Tips

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Cycling is all about balance and coordination. Working with your child to develop these areas is key to learning how to cycle safely and quickly. This simple tip sheet is designed for parents to help them along with this process. Click on the download button to get started!

14 September 2020

Food Miles Part 2 – How do reduce them?

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In the Part 1 of Food Miles we looked at where our food comes from, how far it has to travel and how this relates to climate change. Today we will learn about three ways we can reduce our Food Miles. This resource pack includes a video highlighting 3 ways we can reduce our Food Miles [...]

14 September 2020

Bicycle Safety Word Scramble

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Now that you’ve had a whole week celebrating cycling do you think you know bikes inside and out? Test your knowledge with our Bike Safety Word Scramble activity sheet! Check your answers here.

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