The Travel theme is funded by the Department of Transport and supported by the National Transport Authority. The ultimate aim of the theme is to increase the number of students walking, cycling, scooting, using public transport or carpooling on the way to school.

Travel is the fourth theme of the Green-Schools programme. The Travel theme is funded by the Department of Transport and supported by the National Transport Authority.

How Travel works

While creating their Action Plan participating schools set Travel targets, with the ultimate aim of increasing the number of pupils walking, cycling, scooting, carpooling, using public transport or using park ‘n’ stride instead of the private car on the school run.

By promoting these sustainable transport modes, schools will also improve pupils’ safety, health and fitness. The journey to school is an ideal way for children to take part in regular physical activity, to interact with their peers, and to develop the road sense children need as pedestrians and cyclists. Alternative modes of transport also improve children’s alertness. The schools will also lessen their overall impact on the environment, by reducing emissions and pollution.

Green-Schools Travel was rolled out nationally in September 2008 after a successful pilot programme in the Greater Dublin area. Since then we have worked, or are working, with over 1400 schools around the country to promote sustainable travel to school.

Travel Officers

Green-Schools have dedicated Travel Officers throughout the country who work closely with schools to support them through the 7 Step process of the Travel theme. These officers offer assistance with conducting your Environmental Review; beginning your Action Plan; hosting Days of Action and can help you apply for cycle training and parking for your school.

Participating schools

Click here to view a list of schools invited to participate in the Green-Schools Travel and Global Citizenship Travel themes for the 2020/2021 academic year.


View our Green-Schools Travel Annual Reports:

Useful Links, Projects and Key Resources

Travel Projects

Key Travel Resources

Road Safety and Mapping Advice:

European Initiatives:

  • European Mobility Week: useful website for schools to learn about European Mobility Week and see what happens all over Europe

Sponsor and Supporters:


Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Programme, opened to all schools in Ireland for active travel funding and delivery in Spring 2021. The programme is an initiative of the Department of Transport and supported by the Department of Education. It is operated by the Green-Schools Programme in partnership with the National Transport Authority (NTA) and the local authorities.

The Safe Routes to School Programme is designed to encourage as many pupils and students as possible in primary and post-primary schools to walk and cycle. It has three aims:

  1. To accelerate the delivery of walking/scooting and cycling infrastructure on key access routes to schools.
  2. To provide “front of school” treatments which will enhance access to your school grounds.
  3. To expand the amount of bike parking available at schools.

Applications to the programme are now closed. Please click on the link below for further information.

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