#andshecycles Campaign

Green-Schools Travel has been working with teenagers to develop a campaign that shines a light on barriers that are preventing them from cycling and start some necessary conversations.

The #andshecycles Ambassador Programme is open to students in schools that are actively working on, or have completed, the Green-Schools Travel and/or Global Citizenship Travel themes. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just passionate about creating change, we welcome your application. Please note that schools who have had ambassadors in previous years are asked to not apply again.

Applications for the 2023/24 school year are now closed.

Recent #AndSheCycles Videos & Events

What is the #andshecycles Ambassador Programme?

Across Ireland, data shows that just one in every 250 teenage girls cycle to school every day. The #andshecycles campaign was developed to explore, understand and address barriers to cycling for teenage girls. Emerging from the #andshecycles research, it is clear that cycling for girls is not nearly as accessible as cycling for boys.

And while the main focus of #andshecycles is teenage girls, both the campaign and the ambassador programme aim to be inclusive of trans and intersex women and girls, as well as non-binary and gender fluid people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experience of young women.

The #andshecycles Ambassador Programme is a unique development of this campaign with a focus on addressing the teenage cycling gender gap. This will be achieved through building and supporting student leaders to take action to enable and empower teenage girls to cycle to school.

There are three programme objectives:

  1. Develop role models & leaders for school cycling amongst teenage girls
  2. Empower teenage girls to shape the cycle-friendliness of their institutions
  3. Provide opportunities for teenage girls to cycle

The #andshecycles Ambassador Programme, then, is about teenage girls taking action and leading the way so they themselves and others have the genuine option to cycle.

Who can apply?

The #andshecycles Ambassador Programme is open to students in schools that are actively working on, or have completed, the Green-Schools Travel and/or Global Citizenship Travel themes. The #andshecycles Ambassador Programme is inclusive and aims to build a supportive environment for all chosen ambassadors. Students can apply as an individual or as part of a team (max three people per theme) however, each team member must submit their own application form.

Is the programme only for ‘cyclists’?

This programme is open to girls who do not cycle but would like to as well as girls who cycle. We welcome those who are passionate about creating change to enable girls to cycle!

Do I receive any resources for participating?

Successful applicants will receive a ‘Resources Pack’ including a branded #andshecycles Ambassador hoody and pin, and #andshecycles badges for students in their school that are allies of the campaign.

What is involved in the programme?

The programme involves four stages:

  1. Application stage, where students apply and are selected
  2. Training stage, where students are briefed and trained in a selection of skills that will help them take action to address the cycling gender gap
  3. Action stage, where students take action to enable and empower girls to cycle to school
  4. Award stage, where each ambassador/team of ambassadors are awarded their certificate of completion and outstanding achievements will be recognised.

Will there by opportunities to network with other students?

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to meet with other Ambassadors from across the country at our training event and online ‘Network Gatherings/Support Sessions’ that take place throughout the ‘Action Stage’ of the programme between November and May 2022. These gatherings will be an opportunity to develop skills, share ideas, support one another, generate collective motivation, collaborate, and build solidarity as Ambassadors for tackling the cycling gender gap.

Read more in the document below and stay tuned to our social media channels and this site to keep up-to-date with all the #andshecycles news!

Campaign Launch

Green-Schools officially launched the #andshecycles campaign on Thursday September 19, at an event in the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin. Over 100 people attended the launch event, which included a welcome reception showcasing the #andshecycles portraits by photographer Ste Murray of young female cyclists. The exhibition was followed by the premiere of the official #andshecycles campaign video which can be viewed below and shared on social media platforms.

Campaign Video and Panel

The panel discussion, chaired by RTÉ 2FM DJ Tara Stewart features International Irish Cyclist and new UCD student Lara Gillespie; student Aislinn McDaid; Green-Schools Travel Officer Caitríona Buggle; and Health Services Research professor, Dr. Catherine Darker. The audience was primarily made up of female secondary school students, along with journalists and cycling enthusiasts. Have a listen to the many interesting conversations which were raised during the panel discussion and the concluding Q&A session.

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