Up-cycled Plant Pots

Seedling pots can tot up to a costly amount if you intend to sow a lot of seeds, especially if you are carrying out a whole-class grow project. If there is one thing we often have in abundance its loo roll tube! Follow this step-by-step guide on how to make your own seedling plant pots. All you need is a scissors, loo roll tubes and a marker. It’s very easy and can be completed by students of all ages. Give loo roll tubes a second use and save money on buying new plant pots to sow your seeds in. Watch the step by step video here.


You might have also found this resource fun as part of the Green-Schools Stay Home Project which featured on week 2.  

If you want to share how you got on with the Up-cycled Plant Pots activity we would love to hear from you tag us @GreenSchoolsIre on social media or drop us an email!

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