Primary Climate Ambassadors

13 Green-Schools completed Primary Climate Ambassador training in December with Gráinne and Monica.

These schools have been awarded all ten Green Flags and are now exploring project-based climate actions themed around waste, energy, water, transport and biodiversity. Watch their carbon credits increase as they complete challenges in class, moving up the leaderboard.

A recent study determined that people in Ireland have the second lowest connection to nature in all of Europe, and it is well documented that a strong connection to nature aids both mental and physical health, while also laying an important foundation for environmental care.

“Nature connectedness is a psychological concept that measures the closeness of an individual’s relationship with other species and the wild world. Studies have found that people with a high level of nature connectedness enjoy better mental health and are more likely to act in environmentally friendly ways”.

Unleash your inner child and imagine rewilding habitats while reinvigorating your relationship with nature and at the same time being gifted improved wellbeing. This is what we want to give primary school students in Ireland.

Primary Climate Ambassadors aim to;

  1. Increase climate literacy in senior primary students in Ireland (3rd-6th Class)

  2. Combat climate anxiety in young children through improved nature connection

  3. Empower students to take climate action in school, at home, and in the local community

  4. Increase best practice climate actions taken by ‘legacy’ Green-Schools

    1. Give legacy Green-Schools support in revising all themes

    2. Help legacy Green-Schools upkeep as many positive actions in school as possible

  1. Upskill climate communications via public speaking and novel campaigns

  2. Shine a spotlight on the interrelationship of Green-Schools’ themes and climate change


Learn more about the Climate Ambassador Programme here.


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