Global Goals Week 2023

Monday: Introduction to Global Goals (Ireland)

Global Goals Week kicked off on the right foot with the dynamic duo of Jessica Gill and David Giles, the United National Youth delegates from Ireland! These inspiring leaders shared their unique perspectives on the Global Goals, as well as their exciting journey as delegates at the United Nations. It was a great opportunity for students to learn more about these important global initiatives and be inspired by the passion and commitment of the next generation of changemakers. 

Tuesday: Life Below Water (South Africa)

Sarah Ferguson is a retired national swimmer who holds a Guinness World Record for becoming the first person to circumnavigate Easter Island. She uses her passion and talent for pioneering extreme swims around the world to create a platform to educate and inspire people to change their behaviour. Her foundation Breathe was founded to help do that and since then has grown and developed to include a team of people who share the same vision. 

Wednesday: Climate Action (Kenya).

Exchange students from Kenya share their insights into how Climate Change is impacting Kenya and will share ideas on Climate Actions ongoing in Kenya.

Thursday: Life on Land (Kenya)

Kenyan students will speak about Life on Land and explain on eof the great Kenyan phenomena; the Wildebeest migration and how climate change has affected these animals in particular.

Friday: Partnership for the Goals (Ireland)

Uniting across borders is key to achieving the Global Goals. Friday was a fun, interactive conversation with students from different countries who have participated in Global Goals Week talking about what they do in their own schools. It was a great way to come together and discover the power of international collaboration in making a positive impact on the world. 


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