Global Goals Book Club: Goal 5, Gender Equality

Activity – Green-Schools Global Goals Book Club Razia’s Ray of Hope

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

Welcome to the second book in our Global Goals Book Club. This story covers a lot of things that we will explore throughout the week. But today we would like you to ‘read’ the audio book here and then you might enjoy doing the character profile activity below. Sit back and enjoy the story!

Character Profile – activity sheet


Activity – Persuasive Writing

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

We are going to learn about one of the Sustainable Development Goals : Quality Education. This is one of the Global Goals that Ireland is doing well so when you get back to school remember to say a huge thanks to your principal and teachers who work very hard to provide quality education to all students and learners through out the school year. Globally about 258 million children and youth don’t go to school (UNESCO institute for Statistics UIS). Goal 4 Quality Education is trying to achieve education for all by 2030. Doesn’t that sound great? Imagine if you couldn’t go back to school ever. How would you feel?

In the book Razia’s Ray of Hope we know that Razia has no access to school. Girls in her country were not allowed to go to school for a long time. She needed permission from the men in her family. Does that sound fair? If you were Razia how would you convince Baba (her father) and her brothers to let you go to school? Complete the activities below and try to convince them to let you attend the new school. Why is it important to get an education?

Have fun!

Persuasive Writing – Worksheet

Activity – Craft with Jo and Lizzy

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

We are going to be celebrating the best woman in your life through our craft project. Watch the craft lesson below and get crafting. Please share your creations with us @GreenSchoolsIre and the celebrated woman in your life! Have fun!

Activity – From where I stand: Global Citizenship and Gender Equality

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

Hello everyone, today we are going to see how the story of Razia links to Global Goal 5 on Gender Equality. Do you know what gender equality means? Do you think that it is fair that boys in Afghanistan can go to school and girls cannot? Just imagine if it was like that here in Ireland! What can we do about this unfair situation in our own lives? Have a look at the video below where Emma Watson explains the ‘ From where I stand’ activity you can do to raise awareness about Goal number 5

From Where I Stand – Activity Sheet

Videos focused on Gender Equality: first is suitable for senior primary and older and the second one is suitable for secondary students

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

Senior Primary and older: Awra Amba is a small village in Ethopia where they have embraced gender equality, in a country where women are generally subservient to men. It is seen as a model to help ease poverty and promote gender equality. Have a look at this short video explaining more about Awra Amba .

Suitable for Secondary Students: The pad project’s mission is to create and cultivate local and global partnerships to end period stigma and to empower women world wide. For students who have access to Netflix the 30 minute film can be viewed there but you can also watch the trailer and learn more about the pad project here.

Learn more about The Pad Project