Follow along with the Green-Schools Global Goals advent calendar this season!

From the 27th of November to the 19th of December, a resource that focuses on a different Global Goal will be released each day! Learn about the Global Goal, then have students make a pledge on how they will support that goal and add the loop to their paper chain. Encourage students to bring home their finished chain on the last day of school and hang it on the tree! 

Download the Advent Chain Lesson Plan and Resource using the buttons below!

SDG Advent Chain Lesson Plan
SDG Advent Chain Resource

Monday 27th November: 

Global Goal 1 

The Global Goals Advent Calendar is back! Explore the first goal #NoPoverty to learn more and start an engaging discussion.


SDG #1 Resource

Tuesday 28th November: 

Global Goal 2 

Day two #ZeroHunger calls for tackling food waste! Learn about innovative ways people are reducing food waste in businesses, homes and schools.


SDG #2 Resource

Wednesday 29th November: 

Global Goal 3 

Even during the cold weather it is still great to get outside for some fresh air. Did you know that not everyone has that luxury though? Learn about air pollution with this interactive quiz and experiment 

SDG #3 Resource

Thursday 30th November: 

Global Goal 4 

Learn about @Malala journey to becoming an activist for #Qualityeducation.  


SDG #4 Resource

Friday 1st 


Global Goal 5 

Empowerment is key in tackling #Genderequality! Come along with Joanne to learn about gender equality and the gender pay gap.  


SDG #5 Resource

Monday 4th December: 

Global Goal 6 

Many people across the globe must travel long distances just to get a drink of water that won’t make them sick. Learn about the importance of water filtration with this engaging experiment! #Cleanwaterandsanitation 

SDG #6 Resource

Tuesday 5th December: 

Global Goal 7 

This time of year everyone has energy on the mind! But what is the big deal? Dive into learning about fossil fuel vs renewable with The Story of Energy! #Afforableandcleanenergy 

SDG #7 Resource

Wednesday 6th December: 

Global Goal 8 

Get creative and learn about #Decentworkandeconomicgrowth while listening to the story The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt.

SDG #8 Resource

Thursday 7th December: 

Global Goal 9 

One boy, William Kamkwamba built a windmill that changed his entire community! Learn about his story and how he is a stellar example of #Industry innovation and infrastructure.

SDG #9 Resource

Friday 8th December: 

Global Goal 10 

Did you know that cities are supposed to be designed to be accessible for all but they really aren’t? See how one family, The Normals, face challenges trying to navigate through a city and get thinking about #Reducedinequalities 

SDG #10 Resource

Monday 11th December: 

Global Goal 11 

🎵 I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…? I’m dreaming of a sustainable city! 🎵 Get crafty and create your own sustainable city #Sustainablecitiesandcommunities 

SDG #11 Resource

Tuesday 12th December: 

Global Goal 12 

It’s that time of year where you can flaunt your Christmas Jumper, but what if instead of buying another new one you upcycled an old one?

Learn how to make your own upcycled jumper today!


SDG #12 Resource

Wednesday 13th December: 

Global Goal 13 

There are so many ways to take #Climateaction! Choose your own adventure by choosing one of the stories and activities 

SDG #13 Resource

Thursday 14th December: 

Global Goal 14 

Think about #Lifebelowwater with a mindful marine moment  

SDG #14 Resource

Friday 15th December:  

Global Goal 15 

Explore #Lifeonland with the magnificent world of microbes! 

SDG #15 Resource

Monday 18th December: 

Global Goal 16  

The dove is a universal sign for peace, create your own peace dove while investigating #Peacejusticeandstronginstitutions 

SDG #16 Resource

Tuesday 19th December: 

Global Goal 17 

Across the globe everyone loves to celebrate the holiday season, but everyone has a different way of doing it! Learn about holiday traditions from around the world, then think about your favourite holiday tradition 

SDG #17 Resource