25th Anniversary Congratulations from President Higgins

We were delighted to receive a letter of congratulations from President Michael D. Higgins on Green-Schools 25th Anniversary year.

In his letter, the President commends the work of the Green-Schools programme for working “tirelessly” to promote sustainability and environmental awareness in young people over the past 25 years.

Reflecting on the past 25 years, President Higgins wrote: “As we reflect on the past 25 years, it is clear that there remains so much to be done, new commitments, made and honoured – globally, nationally and locally – to tackle the serious issues that remain pressing for our ecological system. However we can take great encouragement from the knowledge that our schools have become laboratories for environmental innovation.” 

So much of the work of Green-Schools relies on the dedication and commitment of student advocates and their teachers who give their time voluntarily to support the programme. The President paid thanks to them as well, noting their vital role in the programme’s success.

READ THE FULL TEXT HERE:  25th Anniversay of the Green-Schools Programme


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