How well do you know your 2-5km radius zone? Whilst we can’t run our annual week-long, walk to school call to action event this year, we have an idea to celebrate Walk to School Week 2020 with a twist! We are asking students and families to take a walk into the great outdoors and discover what their 2-5km has to offer. This is a unique time in our lives to fully explore and quietly observe our natural surroundings. To take a quote from a recent publication from our very own Green-Schools Travel Officer Allison Phillips;

“I am sure can hear it, every time you leave the house for a walk within your 2km radius, it’s quiet. Before the Covid-19 changes, the humming sounds of urban life were a constant ringing in our ears. Traffic engines, building sites, and the noise generated by the sheer numbers of people moving around.”

From May 11-15th, 2020, Green-Schools Travel is inviting students, teachers and families nationwide to join us in ‘Getting to know your 2km zone’. As part of the #GreenSchoolsStayHome project we have weekly activities to inspire fully exploring your 2-5km zone, and we will ask if students have valued the time and space that they have been granted as part of the lockdown restrictions. Come September, why not continue this adventure of active and sustainable travel as part of the school journey?

As part of our Green-Schools Stay Home project we have tailored a full week of ‘Hidden Places’ themed walking activities for students to engage with. We also have 20, recently published, Green-Schools Stay Home learning resources under the Travel theme.

Hidden Places Activities


Travel Activities for Students and Families