29 August 2023

Food Habitat Map

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A food habitat map is a visual representation of the school and grounds that shows any areas connected with food and drink. Step 1: View the presentation. Step 2: Follow the lesson plan to complete your food habitat map.

29 August 2023

The Story of Our Food

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To improve food literacy, to raise awareness about the origins of various food items, and to increase participants’ awareness of the impacts of their food choices on the environment.

29 August 2023

All About Seeds

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To familiarise students with plant life-cycles, and to raise awareness about the role and importance of biodiversity in plant life-cycles and in food production generally.

14 June 2023

Agents of Change

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Exploring the intersectionality of queer history and climate activism. Addressing SDGs 3, 5 and 10 For Senior Primary and Secondary students

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