Stay Home Travel – Sample Week I

Monday Activity – Balance Bike Tips

Age Group: Junior Primary 

Cycling is all about balance and coordination. Working with your child to develop these areas is key to learning how to cycle safely and quickly. This simple tip sheet is designed for parents to help them along with this process. Click on the image to get started!


Tuesday Activity – Create your own Travel snacks

Age Group: Junior Primary

Create your own travel themed snacks for picnics or lunchtime. This activity is a great way to discuss different modes of transport and explore different types of fruit and vegetables with preschool and junior primary children.

Travel Snacks for active kids

Wednesday Activity – Adventures with sounds – Create your own Soundmap

Age Group: Junior and Senior Primary

Sound mapping is a great way to become more aware of your local environment and measure the diversity of signs around you. This activity is part of our new Adventures with Sounds resource which invites students to explore and develop their aural senses which is an important skill for road safety.


Thursday Lesson – Food Miles part 2. How do reduce them?

Age Group: Senior Primary and Junior Secondary

In the previous Food Miles lesson from week 8 we looked at where our food comes from, how far it has to travel and how this relates to climate change. Today we will learn about three ways we can reduce our Food Miles.

This resource pack includes a video highlighting 3 ways we can reduce our Food Miles accompanied by an information sheet. There are 2 activities in this resource pack. The first is “Investigating Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables”, by using the Best in Season calendar students must fill the information. An answer sheet is included.
The second activity is “Creating a meal with Low Food Miles”, this is a short video, Green-Schools Travel Officer Jennifer Cooney shows how she made a delicious meal using local food items. Make sure to tag #GreenSchoolsStayHome with your delicious meals.



Food Miles Fact Sheet



Activity 1: Answer Sheet



Friday Share – Cycling in Cuba lesson

Age Group: All

Bicycles became the most important mode of transport for Cubans during the early 1990s when the island nation suffered a massive economic collapse (called the ‘Special Period’ by Fidel Castro). During that period China donated approximately one million bikes to Cuba as a way to ease the difficulties created by the lack of transportation and fuel embargo. Click on the image below for a lesson on active travel within the Island nation.