Stay Home Marine Environment – Sample Week C

Monday Lesson –  Learn about the Humpback Whale

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Did you know that there are 25 species of whales and dolphins known to live in Irish waters? Find out more about one of them, the humpback whale, with our fact sheet!

Humpback Whale Fact Sheet

Tuesday Activity – Arts & Crafts Up-cycled Jellyfish

Age Group: Primary

For week 3 of our up-cycled crafts we take on jellyfish! Mysterious, ancient and 90% water, try make your own…

How to make an Up-cycled Jellyfish

Wednesday Activity – Marine Movie: Our Planet

Fried Egg Jellyfish

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Today we learn about the amazing and fierce fried egg jellyfish with a clip from the Netflix documentary Our Planet. Watch the clip and take our quiz!

Jellyfish Quiz

Thursday Activity – Blubber Glove Experiment

Age Group: Primary

Channel your inner penguin and understand how polar animals keep warm, with our fun blubber glove experiment!


Blubber Experiment


Friday Share –  Marine School Firies NS

Age Group: All

Today we wanted to share some of the amazing work being done by one of our Marine theme schools: Firies National School in Co. Kerry! Have a look at the presentation to see some photos of their wonderful marine art and displays!

Firies NS Presentation