An Taisce Green-Schools is delivering SEAI’s Schools Energy Workshops programme for the 2019/20 school year. These workshops are directly linked to the curricula and are great way to inform and involve pupils and teachers in ways to save energy and will help schools to achieve the Green Flag award. Workshops are delivered free of charge and involve inquiry based learning through experiments, videos, games and talks.

There are specific workshops for: Primary & Post-Primary teachers; Snr Infants – 2nd class; 3rd -6th Class; Junior Secondary & Transition Year classes. Workshops are available to all schools, are allocated on a first come first served basis and priority is given to schools that include a request for a teacher’s workshop in their online application.

Junior Primary Workshops

‘Guzzler’ the puppet can visit your school to help the children learn about energy awareness.  This workshop is approximately 45 minutes long and is aimed at senior infants and 1st class although it may also suit junior infants and 2nd class.  We can run up to three workshops during the school day and these workshops generally take place in the individual classrooms.

The children are introduced to Guzzler the puppet who loves to waste energy. Through a series of games and activities they learn about where our energy comes from, the importance of saving energy and the various ways in which they can save energy.

The workshop covers several strands of the science curriculum such as living things, energy and forces and environmental awareness and care.

Senior Primary Workshops

The senior primary workshop is aimed at pupils from 3rd to 6th class but can also be suitable for 2nd class.  It is approximately one hour and 15 minutes in duration.  We can run up to three workshops during the school day. In advance of the workshop, the school will be sent a selection of posters to promote saving energy.  The workshop is in three parts: a class discussion on energy, experiments on energy and Guzzler’s Energy Challenge Game

The workshop covers several strands of the science curriculum such as energy and forces and environmental awareness and care.

Post Primary Workshops

The Everyday Energy workshop is aimed at first and second year science students and uses everyday objects to investigate the subject of energy.  The workshop is approximately one hour and 20 minutes in duration and is designed to fit into a double class period.  We can run up to two workshops during the school day and these workshops generally take place in a science laboratory.

The aim of the workshop is to actively involve students in the learning process, from figuring out how to assemble their circuit to analysing the results of their experiments and drawing conclusions about energy conversion.  The students are encouraged to think critically about Climate Change and the ways we generate and use energy and the environmental implications of our energy use.

Transition Year Workshops

The TY workshop engages students on the topic of climate change and sustainability.  It addresses the causes and global impacts of climate change and renewable and non-renewable technologies.  The workshop is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes in duration and is designed to fit into a double class period.  The workshop can be held in a standard classroom. The workshop is mainly discussion based using video clips, maps, pictures, games and activities to help students evaluate how our everyday activities and actions such as the burning of fossil fuels for heat and electricity in our homes can have a global environmental impact.  It introduces the concept of sustainable development and encourages the students to think critically about global issues and their solutions.

The workshop is aimed at Transition Year students but can be adapted for younger students.  It is not specifically a science workshop but covers aspects of many different curriculum areas such as Junior Cert Science, Environmental and Social Studies (ESS), Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE) and aspects of Junior Cert and Leaving Cert Geography

Primary Teacher CPD Workshops

Teacher workshops are available to primary schools throughout the country.  They are based on “Exploring our Energy”, a whole school programme for teaching energy in the primary school curriculum.  The workshop lasts two hours after school time and shows teachers how to use the free online resources to plan and teach a wide range of science lessons covering all four strands of the science curriculum. The focus throughout the Exploring our Energy programme is on inquiry based science education with a strong emphasis on working scientifically and designing and making skills.

These workshops can count towards Croke Park hours, subject to school management approval in accordance with DES Circulars and are particularly relevant for schools applying for their Green Flag for Energy. Ideally schools should have a minimum of 10 teachers and a maximum of 20 to participate in the training.  Smaller schools can join together and larger schools can be split into two groups.

Post Primary Teacher CPD Workshops

Suitable for JC Science Teachers, this workshop examines the concept of the energy theme across the Earth and Space and Physical World strands of the new Junior Cycle Science specification. It focuses specifically on energy efficiency and conversions.

This 90-minute workshop is very ‘hands-on’ and will look at the SEAI online resources which are suitable for use among various themes of the Junior Cycle specification in particular the Nature of Science strands.

The workshop is suitable for all teachers, student teachers, and Professional Masters of Education, as it is aligned with the specification and provides plenty of ideas for teaching these concepts in the classroom.

For online booking application forms and further information and resources information visit: