Green-Schools would like to invite you to participate in National Scoot to School Week which will run from Monday, March 27th to Friday, March 31st, 2023. National SOW Day (Scoot on Wednesdays/Weekdays) will be held on Wednesday 29th March.
By participating in National Scoot to School Week and National SOW Day you will be showing your support for a greener, healthier environment by encouraging students to scoot to school.
To support schools to participate in the week we have created a ‘one-stop-shop’ resource sheet providing a range of fun and engaging scooter related activities to suit all schools. This is packed with activities and tips for safe scooting.

Download the Full ONE STOP SHOP Resource Pack

This year we are also excited to announce the Scooter Obstacle Course Challenge!

Green-Schools Committees around the country are being set the challenge of designing an on-yard scooter obstacle course which must include set scooter skills and safety messages. They will need to make it fun and be creative, and will be responsible for the design, promotion, and delivery of their scooter event!

Check out the Obstacle Course Challenge

To help promote National Scoot to School Week/National SOW Day in your school please find a link below to a poster to display in your school – choose English, Irish or both!

Download the Scoot to School Week poster in English
Download the Scoot to School Week poster in Irish

Remember to keep a record of how many people scooted to school on National SOW Day: This year we are delighted to let you know that Microscooters have generously donated scooting goodies for us to share with schools that participate in Scoot to School Week.

Make sure to return the form below before the 21st of April to ensure that your numbers are included in the count and to be in with a chance of winning some great scooter prizes for your school!

Download the Form for the whole week

Please contact the Green-Schools Travel Team or your local Green-Schools Travel Officer with any enquiries.
Don’t forget to share your photos and news with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even TikTok (@GreenSchoolsIre), using #Scoot2SchoolWeek23.

Micro Scooters have revolutionised the school run. Their range of Swiss designed, multi award winning scooters and safety accessories are used by 1 million children on the school run every single day.

So, we thought there was no-one better to ask for their advice on how you can ensure your child scoots safely during Scoot to School Week.

Read their safety tips here.