World Environment Day

The quality of the air around us is very important as it directly affects our health and the environment we live in. Have a look at our welcome message from Green-Schools Officer Jess, she is going to tell you all about the wonderful resources which her fellow Officer Karen Moore has planned for you to celebrate World Environment Day!




  • Activity 1: Sources of pollution activity sheet. Air pollution is not the same everywhere. Different pollutants are released into the air from a wide range of sources. Can you identify the sources of air pollution in the graphic? Click here for a printable PDF.
  • Activity 2: Get to know pollutants. There are many pollutants that affect the quality of our air we breathe. Have a look at suggestions on the activity sheet here and find out more for yourself.
  • Activity 3: Air pollution around the World. Ireland’s air is relatively clean but sadly this is not the case for all countries. In activity 3 you will investigate what is happening in the air around the world and come up with solutions to help improve air quality. Use the World map to help complete the activity.
  • Activity 4: Steps to breathing better air. What can we do to improve air quality? Well the good news is that together we can all play our part in improving the air around us. Even small changes to our day to day lives can make a big difference to the quality of the air we breathe. Download the ideas by clicking the green button below  and see what you can pledge to do today!

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