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Resources to help with your Green-Schools programme are sorted into three categories: the theme you are working on, whether your school is primary or secondary and which of the seven steps you would like to focus on.

As with all school activities the Green-Schools programme should always be operated with Health & Safety considerations in mind. Schools should not undertake Green-Schools activities which contravene the schools Health & Safety procedures and policy. If there is any doubt of an activity, doing so it should be firstly checked with the person responsible for the school’s Health & Safety policy and procedures.


Helmet Fitting

Green-Schools Travel Officer Allison talks you through fun and easy to remember steps to ensure proper helmet fitting. Watch the short video to help teach students the correct way to wear a helmet to ensure the helmet will function correctly and safely.

Scooting Skills

Make a mini Biome for Clean Air

Here in this how-to video, Travel Officer Jess shows you how to make a forest biome in a jar. A biome is large region of the World where similar climate, animals and plants exist together. Air quality is important for our own health as well as for the health of the environment. Air can become Read More

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Bike Safety Lesson

Green-Schools Cycling Development and Travel Officer, Allison Phillips, goes through some quick checks with her bike before setting off on a cycle. Since the roads and our lives are not as busy at the moment, now might be a great time to get back on the bike with your family! Cycling is a fun way Read More

Active Travel Planning and Design – ‘City in a Box’

Follow this ten minute video guide for inspiration where Green-Schools Officer Rebecca will give you some ideas on how to build your very own sustainable city. Cities and towns are often planned and built with only adults in mind. But did you know that by law children fully have the right to participate in public Read More

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Grandparents Travel Survey

Perhaps as part of Grandparents Day in your school, why not find out a bit more about how previous generations travelled to school?

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Travel Seminar Presentation 2019/2020

Each year our Local Authority partners organise seminars to introduce teachers and coordinators to the new Green-Schools themes they’ll be working on in the academic year. The 2019/2020 seminars were delivered by Green-Schools staff and talked through all aspects of the new themes.

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Travel Global Calendar 2019-2020

Keep up-to-date with upcoming initiatives during the Green-Schools academic 2019-2020 calendar year

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