Do you may know the common groups invertebrates, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish, but do you know your crustaceans from arachnids or a mollusc from an arthropod? All animals can be sorted into a specific group.

A robin is a bird, a fox is a mammal, a frog is an amphibian, etc. Insects are one of the biggest groups of animals in the world. More than half of all of the animals in the world we know about are insects! However, a lot of the things we call insects don’t really belong in this group.

Which of the below animals are actually insects? Here are some clues to get you started. Insects lay eggs, they should have 3 pairs of legs (so 6 altogether), their bodies are split into 3 sections and they have a pair of antennae which they use for sensing what is around them.

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