Air Quality Toolkit – Primary

This toolkit is aimed at primary 1st – 6th classes. It’s designed to be flexible and help you to build a learning experience across multiple subjects for your students. So, you can work your way from start to end, using it as a full unit of learning or use the toolkit for just one or two activities with your class. Some of the strongest subject links are with Geography, Science, English, S.P.H.E., and there are lots more that you can link to. It can also be used to support your Green-Schools programme.

The aim of this toolkit is to not only achieve a greater awareness of local air quality and how it affects us, but also to highlight how actions in our daily lives can
have an impact on the air that we breathe. It also aims to ensure this message is fed back into the pupil’s home environment, thus reaching the wider population. Information on air pollution is given along with complementary activities. Monitoring the air quality around your school and other fieldwork form key parts of the toolkit.

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