In 2019, Eco-Schools celebrates 25 years of excellence in the field of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development.

This campaign aims to involve each and every actor within the Eco-Schools global network – students, teachers, school and University administration, school staff, volunteers, other organisations, and our institutional and corporate partners – to voice a message to the global community; that it only takes an idea told out loud to engage ourselves and our political leaders in positive actions!

To celebrate Eco-Schools are asking schools around the world to submit a video using the guidelines below:


  • The main asset of the video campaign is that it can work simply using a smartphone for recording the
    video submissions.
  • Length: 15-60 seconds
  • Layout: Directly talking to the camera in portrait position
  • Use the campaign statements:
  • If I was the Prime Minister I would … / If I was the President of my country I would …
  • If I was a Superhero I would …
  • Every day I … (positive action description).
  • If you are feeling creative while filming and have a different idea, we are happy to see it! Please submit
    both a version aligned with the campaign slogans above and your own.

Follow the Guidelines and submit your entry between 11 March – 3 May at

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