Stay Home Water – Week 7

Monday Water Idea – Mini Walk for Water

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

We all need to wash our hands regularly with Covid19 but what if you need to walk a long distance for clean water like in some countries? Our Monday idea this week is to learn, take action and raise awareness of this through a mini walk for water.

Download: Mini Walk For Water Activity

Tuesday Activity – Make It Rain Experiment

Age Group: Primary and Junior Secondary

Do you know how rain is made?
Today’s experiment shows you how to make it rain in your house!

Download: Make it Rain Experiment

Wednesday Water Watch
Frog Life Cycle

Age Group: Primary

This weeks Wednesday Water Watch looks at the lifecycle of a frog. Watch the video and have fun doing the quiz below.

Download: Quiz Sheet for Frog Life Cycle

Thursday Activity – Lamprey Fact Sheet

Age Group: Primary and Junior Secondary


Weird and wonderful! The lamprey is an ancient, parasitic fish living the quiet life in our rivers…check out our fact sheet to discover more!

Download: The Lamprey Fact Sheet

Friday Share –
Interactive PDF on Water Activities

Age Group: Secondary

Green- Schools would like to share our interactive PDF for secondary schools looking to learn about water. It investigates the water cycle, water conservation, climate change and water people.

Download: Interactive Pdf on Water Topics