Stay Home Travel- Sample Week B

Monday Activity –  Learn and Test your knowledge on the SDGs 

Age Group: Primary Senior and Secondary

Here at Green-Schools, we’re testing new learning tools. Read some facts about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and test your knowledge afterwards with this interactive and fun quiz. As part of the Global Citizenship Travel theme Green-Schools focused on four SDGs; Good Health and Well-being, Reduced Inequality, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Climate Action. In about 8 min you’ll learn about what these Global Goals are, who is responsible for them and how you can help to make a world a better place. Give it a go and share with others.

Tuesday Lesson – Helmet Fitting

Age Group: All

Green-Schools Travel Officer Allison talks you through fun and easy to remember steps to ensure proper helmet fitting.

Wednesday Lesson – Pumping Tires

Age Group: All

In this video Green-Schools Travel Officer Róisín explains how to effectively pump bike tires in the first of a series of ‘Bike Stuff’ tips.

Thursday Activity – Help Tara and Seán Cycle to School

Age Group: Junior Primary

It’s a maze out there and both Tara and Seán need a helping hand to find the quickest way to school. If you can print out the below puzzles you can use a pencil to find the way to school, or if you are looking at a screen you can simply use your finger to navigate the way! Some journeys are quicker and easier but as we all know – some are harder and longer, why not start with the easy ones first.

Help Tara with this easy cycle


Help Seán with this trickier cycle


Help Tara with this super-difficult cycle


Friday Share – Scoot to School Week 2020

Age Group: All

Scoot to School week was cut a little short in 2020 but early on in the week Travel Officers delivered lots of scooting workshops in schools nationwide. Here are some of the highlights. Check out the safety and skills videos we looked at earlier this week and if you are enjoying scooting around your local area, tag us @GreenSchoolsIre to share with us the skills you have learned.