Welcome to Green-Schools Stay Home – Biodiversity.

We’re really excited to show you some cool stuff you can do at home to keep helping the environment. In this page, we have put Biodiversity-themed videos, quizzes, experiments, ideas and more activities that students can enjoy doing at home. Below you can find weeks full of activities, shares and ideas for students in the age categories of Junior Primary (Infants – 2nd class), Senior Primary (3rd – 6th class) and Secondary School (1st – 6th year). The activities will help students learn about the value of biodiversity and Irish wildlife; and how we can help conserve and protect it. The activities have been split into weekly activities. You can start doing them at anytime. Please tell us how you get on with any photos or videos or put them on social media with the hashtag #GreenSchoolsStayHome. Enjoy!

Sample Week A


Sample Week B


Sample Week C


Sample Week D