Green-Schools’ inaugural Global Goals Week took place from May 9th to 13th through our ever-growing Global Classroom programme and was a huge success. Students from Ireland, Kenya, South Africa and Dubai interacted throughout the week and learnt about the SDG’s from each other and what actions need to be taken by us all to help reduce poverty, inequalities and Climate Change.  

Day One

On day one we looked at Goal 15: Life on Land. Meabh and Clare showed us some of Ireland’s native plants and animals through a lovely guided nature walk and they also looked at our international connections through wildlife. Afterwards, Debbie Thomas guided the students through a lovely poetry writing session. A recording from this session on Life on Land can be found below. 

Day Two

On Day Two we looked at at Goal 5: Gender Equality. South Africa spoke on SDG 5: Gender equality, with a focus on SA’s key priority issues as it relates to SDG 5 (Gender based violence, period poverty, and unemployment). We also heard from students from St Colmcille,  South Africa: Asonele Kotu spoke about the state of period poverty in South Africa and the work her organization is doing to help combat it. Nthabi spoke about how we can raise awareness using social media, media and activism on SDG5 to help people in vulnerable communities get access to interventions they need. A recording of this session can be found below.  

Day Three

On day three we explored Goal 13; Climate Action. Our Kenyan partners KOEE presented, facilitated by our wonderful colleague Danson. A student speaker from Nairobi International School spoke about the impacts of climate change on their lives and showed a video that complemented their presentation. Please find the recording to the talks, dances and presentation we enjoyed this day below.  

Day Four

On day four we investigated Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. Our Kenyan partners facilitated this most powerful session. Students from two different schools (Muthurwa and Ruaraka) presented on the challenges they face in their daily lives due to lack of access to clean water and sanitation. The two schools are located in informal settlements where the challenge of water and hygiene is a major factor. The recording of this powerful session can be found below. 

 Day Five

During our final day we looked at, and experienced, Goal 17; Partnerships for the Goals. We had a very short presentation with some fun activities for the students and some music of course! Schools and students were then sent into breakout rooms to have their conversations as true partners for the goals. They learnt a lot from each other and had some fun along the way as well! For a flavour of this last session check out this recording below! 

Global Goals Week was a great success and we hope to do it all again next year! Thank you to all of the amazing participants!