Book: Water Stories from Around the World, Edited by Radhika Menon and Sandhya Rao and Illustrated by Nirupama Sekhar

Links to Goal: Goal 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

Welcome to this month’s Global Goals Book Club! In March we are looking at Goal 6 which is all about water because World Water Day is on March 22 each year. It is about access to water, sanitation and about safe clean drinking water. Would you believe that even in today’s modern world there are still many, many people around the world that have to walk on average six kilometres every day to collect water from local wells, rivers, streams and ponds? And even more people don’t have access to a basic toilet! That is just so unfair isn’t it? Just image you had to walk six kilometres to collect all the water you use each and every day? On average Irish people use approximately 140 litres of water each day! Would you even be able to carry it? Not in one go I’d say!  One litre of water weighs as much as one bag of sugar; imagine having to walk six kilometres with 140 bags of sugar!

We will start this months book club with a lovely story from the book Water Stories From Around The World

Click to read Water Stories From Around the World

You can read the story for yourself or listen to Linda who is reading the story ‘Who Owns the Water’ for you! Relax and enjoy!

While you are listening to the story you may start doodling your favourite character on the Character Profile Activity Sheet:

Did you know the water we use every day is same water the dinosaurs used? Yes it is true, the water we have today is the same water we always had on earth. We never had any more or less and we will never have any more either. The water we have is what will have to do us forever! Time to learn a little bit about the water cycle:

Now you are ready to start the next activity: Persuasive Writing

Ready for another story? Listen to the poem – ‘A Well is Born’ from the same book below. And maybe you can start one of the art activities below while you are listening? (pdfs: Water Drop Collage; Water Symbols Activity, Water Comic Strip.)

Bonus stories: The Old Water Pot and the Lost Diamond