Global Goals Book Club: Goal 7, Affordable Energy for All

Green-Schools Global Goals Book Club – Iqbal and his ingenious idea

Age Group: Junior and Senior Primary 

Hello and welcome back to Green-Schools Global Goals Book Club! Our third book is Iqbal and his ingenious Idea by Elizabeth Suneby. It’s a fantastic story about a boy from Bangladesh who tried to help his family with a great idea. This week we will be linking to Global Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy. You can watch a reading of the story here, in the video below and fill out the character profile sheet when you are done. Have a look at the glossary too, it will help explain some terms in the book you might not be familiar with. We hope you enjoy the story and take part in the fun activities we have planned for the week.

Character Profile – activity sheet


Iqbal and his Ingenious Idea Glossary

 Persuasive Writing Activity

Age Group:  Senior Primary

We want you to put yourselves in Iqbal’s shoes, pretend that you are at his school science fair. How would convince the principal and judges that your solar cooker should win the competition. Use your powers of persuasion in the activity below. Here are some facts that might help your argument. Did you know that:

  • Over three billion people around the world cook their food and heat their homes with open fires.
  • An open fire used to cook indoors produces 400 cigarettes worth of smoke an hour causing many problems to humans such as lung infections, eye damage , breathing problems and even cancers.
  • The most affected are women and children under five because they spend the most time at home.
  • To fuel fires families (mainly women and children) can spend 20 hours a week gathering firewood. Time that should be spend in school, working or at rest.
  • Other impacts include deforestation, timber smuggling and air pollution in cities and towns.
  • Household fires are also speeding up Climate Change
Persuasive Writing – Worksheet

Arts and Crafts – How to make a solar cooker from a shoe box!

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

Check out our home made Solar Cooker. It’s very easy to make and uses items that you probably have at home already! On the next hot sunny day this year, this is a great activity, we really enjoyed the yummy s’mores too!

 Activity – Linking Global Goal 7 to Global Goal 1

Age Group: Senior Primary 

We are going to see how the story of Iqbal links to Global Goal 7, Clean and Affordable Energy for all. We are going to explore how important access to energy is in helping achieve Goal 1: No Poverty.

You will be looking at how energy is important for everyone and how we might even say it is one of the basic human rights! First we want you to think about all the things you do in your home and school that use energy and write them down in the activity sheet below. Now have a look at the following video and see what you think, maybe it reminded you of other things you do that use energy? Add them to your list.

Energy Usage Worksheet

We would like you to have a look at this video and learn about what human rights are.
Do you think that clean and affordable energy should be on the list of basic human rights? And do you think that having access to clean and affordable energy would help reduce poverty? Take our short quiz here to tell us what you think!

Human Rights Survey

Stove Team: The Importance of Safe Cooking

Age Group: All

We’d like to show you the work of an organisation who are helping families in Latin America, much like Iqbal, this company has invented eco friendly stoves which use much less firewood and produce far less smoke. Have a look at the video clip and find out more about the work of Stove Team international by clicking the green button below.

Learn more about the StoveTeam