Book: The Lunch Thief by Anne Bromley 

Links to Goal: Goal 2 Zero Hunger

Of all the Global Goals this one can be the most challenging one to imagine it could ever be achieved, as surely if global hunger could be eliminated it would have been by now? Surely there will always be people going hungry like there will always be people living in poverty? As our book,the ‘Lunch thief’,shows going hungry isn’t just an experience in what we might think of as ‘poor’ countries but is an everyday reality in America, as it is in Ireland.  

So we can see from the book that even when there is plenty of food available you may not be able to access it because of not being able to afford to buy it, because of poverty (Goal 1; No Poverty.) 

Sit back and listen to the story:

While you are listening to the story you may start doodling your favourite character on the Character Profile Sheet.

Food Waste

There is more than enough food produced in the world to feed everyone, it is just very unequally distributed (more than enough in some regions and scarce in others) and food is not accessible to everyone (poverty). It is the global food system which needs to be changed to solve this inequality. Consider that in the globally developed economies such as Ireland, the UK  and the EU, one third of food purchased by families is wasted. That is one in every three bags of shopping!  

  • Food waste can be linked to the Goal 2: Zero Hunger but also it can be linked to Goal 13: Climate Action. Find out how on the Food Waste Fact Sheet
  • Why not take a closer look at your school lunch waste? Here is an activity you can try as a class or a school. 
  • Learn about the importance of wholefoods in our diets and also take part in an art activity.

Food Wastage

Next, watch Josh and Max Kamalarajah of Wallace High School, Lisburn report on the escalating crime of food wastage. Josh and Max spoke at the Green-Schools Global Goals Conference in 2018 and inspired the audience of students and teachers with their video.  The video below was their entry into the Young Reporters for the Environment competition in 2018. Enjoy!  

More stories

Our storyteller Arran has recorded two more stories for you: The Greedy King & the Goddess and The Grasshopper & Ant. 


Maths Activity & Foraging

Use your maths skills to try out The Rice Show Activity. This is an activity to help students explore and visualise statistics and to view the world differently. Finally, why not try some wild food foraging; click here to find some recipes using Nettles and Dandelions.