Clothes Pod

Green-Schools are delighted to announce their latest sponsorship from Textile Recycling Ltd’s latest project Clothes Pod.

About TRL

Textile Recycling Ltd T/A Clothes Pod are the number one collectors and exporters of second-hand clothing in Ireland and are excited to partner with the Green-Schools programme in 2020. Clothes Pod’s aim is to promote active recycling and reuse programmes in participating schools nationwide.

TRL are fully permitted and insured, and work in partnership with Local Authorities and Licensed Waste Management Companies throughout the country to ensure that all unwanted clothing and textiles can be collected in a convenient and efficient manner and that the items collected are recycled and re-purposed professionally and correctly.

TRL are a Guaranteed Irish company and have been in the business of promoting and actioning reuse and re-ware of used clothing since 1992. TRL operate Clothes Pods containers around the country in approved private and Local Authority Bring Centres and Civic Amenity Centres. TRL service every site on a regular and professional basis, as well as purchasing clothing from local clubs, community and school fundraising events, and from charity shops. TRL are fully compliant with the requirements laid down by Local Authorities, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment to achieve our common goals of diverting textile waste away from landfills and to promote the culture of re-use.

How textile recycling works 

It is essential to recycle textiles as they present particular problems in landfill. Synthetic (man-made fibres) products will not decompose, and while woollen garments do compose, they produce methane, which contributes to global warming. Clothing must be collected in a segregated system as contamination with other waste material renders the clothing unfit for recycling.

Textile School collections

If your school is interested in fund raising by organising a textile collection please contact TRL directly who can discuss your requirements.

Need a recycling pod in your area?

If your area does not have a Textile Recycling facility and you feel it would benefit your community, please contact your Local Authority to request one at the various Civic ‘Bring Centres’ in your town. Alternatively, please contact TRL directly.

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