SN Muire Letterfrack

SN Muire Letterfrack is a small school in West Galway with big ambitious plans to tell everyone about Climate Change! On the committee are students from 1st to 6th class, and 5th and 6th reps have the responsibility of informing and representing the junior classes too.

The students and their coordinator put together an excellent action plan and stuck to it over the two years. The committee members do regular checks of each classroom, as well as bi-annual surveys to assess knowledge of the Global Citizenship Energy theme.

The older classes have been vlogging their Green-Schools activities and sharing with all families in the school via Seesaw.   The school held two action days both primarily focused on telling the school community and wider school community, all about the importance of taking climate action. The first action day was hosted in the school with many members of the local community and local Green Campus being invited.

The committee gave speeches to the audience about the work they are doing, they displayed environmentally friendly alternatives to household items (very much appreciated by the parents) and they planted a tree to mark the occasion.

The second action day was once again student-led, with the 5th and 6th classes striking for climate change. They designed posters, and banners and wrote speeches for the occasion. They went a step further by inviting the parents to join. Everyone marched around Letterfrack village and the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology campus to raise awareness about climate change. Speeches were made, which attracted a crowd. This event even made local social media news pages! SN Muire Letterfrack is a prime example of informing and involving the wider community in climate action!   

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