September is around the corner and with it ‘The Back to School’ term has finally rolled in. Usually a time for fresh starts and new routines, Green-Schools understands the anticipation and hope that has been building up for many individuals, families and school staff for a smooth return to normal school life. Whilst we are very much still living with Covid-19 and its associated restrictions, Green-Schools are delighted to see students returning to schools this September. Green-Schools Officers and staff aim to fully support our wide network of schools in any way possible for them to comfortably adjust to their new procedures.

Allowing schools to settle into their new routine is the priority for everyone so we will be issuing our themed communications to the network a little bit later than usual this year. Many of our usual events will not take place in their usual format whilst Health Service Executive (HSE) social distancing recommendations are in place. However, Green-Schools Officers nationwide have been developing innovative and alternative methods for schools on the Green-Schools Programme to continue accessing our environmental education services once they’re ready to do so.

Traditionally at the beginning of term Green-Schools would launch our Green-Schools Seminars which introduce Green-Schools Coordinators to their latest theme. This year we will be delivering all seminars online from October onwards. These seminars will provide support and guidance on how Green-Schools work can proceed safely and positively in your school this year.

Keep an eye on our events page where we will have information about all the seminars and other various webinars, training and event programmes throughout the term.

Calling all Green-Schools Coordinators and teachers! We want your feedback, please take our 1-minute / 3 question survey to help us tailor our upcoming teacher training seminars to your needs.

Green-Flags and certificates will be delivered by post to all schools who were awarded in May 2020 during the month of September and our shop is still open for any schools looking to purchase theme pennants.

Due to circumstances this year the usual December deadline for any school who wants to apply for their very first Green Flag for Litter & Waste has been extended to March 26th 2021.

For now, as teachers and Green-Schools Coordinators settle back for their return to the classroom they can await our communications to the school later on in the term. In the meantime if you want to navigate some of our key resources or information pages you can review the below list of steps which many Coordinators like to review at the beginning of term.