Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about the Green-Schools programme. If you can’t find an answer to your query below please contact us.

You can register for the Green-Schools Programme online using the Registration Form.

Please email us at or call us on 01-400 2202

The Green-Schools Programme is currently open to all Primary, Secondary and Special Schools in the Republic of Ireland.

We are not currently accepting registrations from schools other than primary/secondary/special.

A separate programme for Third Level Institutions has been developed called Green-Campus. Please contact or visit the Green-Campus website.

Registration and materials are free to all schools taking part.

Please visit our applications section for more information on how to apply.

Whatever theme you are working on, we have lots of resources for your school to use! On this website you can search for resources and visit each theme’s page to read case studies and check out our latest videos and case studies.

Contact the Green-Schools team at or phone 01 -400 2202.

The Green Flag measures 225cm(w) by 150 cm(h).

Yes, replacement flags and pennants are available to purchase by qualifying schools online.

The lifespan of a flag varies from area to area depending on weather conditions and treatment. Some tips on how to maintain and prolong your flag’s life can be found here.

Please email or call us to let us know what you wish the logo for.

Unfortunately Green-Schools cannot promote any one product or service over another.

You can request another Handbook by email or by calling us on 01-4002202.

A renewal visit takes places during the second year of your Green-Schools programme. Typically, the visit is completed before you submit your renewal application form. Renewal visits are carried out either by your Local Authority Environment Awareness Officer or by An Taisce Green-Schools staff. The purpose of the visit is so that Green-Schools can see you have an active Green-Schools programme in operation and that you have been maintaining previous themes in addition to working on your current theme. You do not need to have completed every step before the renewal visit, however this will need to be achieved prior to submitting your application. During the visit you will have the opportunity to show the assessor documentation such as folders, newsletters, posters, photos etc of your work and achievements over the past two years. To arrange your renewal visit please contact your local authority’s Environment Awareness Officer or Green-Schools.