The #andshecycles ambassador campaign focuses on empowering teenage girls to explore, understand and address the cycling gender gap in Ireland. The 2022-2023 ambassadors will take part in a training day encompassing meeting likeminded teenage girls, learning about the campaign and having fun! The ambassadors will leave the training day with actionable steps of how they can change the cycling culture at their school. Following the training day, three network gatherings will occur throughout the year focusing on leadership, communication, campaigning and advocacy skills. On international women’s day we will hear from inspiring guest women speakers from around the world on their experiences. At the end of the programme an awards ceremony will take place to discuss, recognize and acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments of the ambassadors. Past ambassadors have given feedback that after participating in the programme they feel more confident in standing up for what they believe in because they now possess the skills to create change.

More details on the 2022-2023 ambassador programme can be seen on our application:

All applications are due by October 7th.

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