The deadline for schools to apply for the renewal of their Green Flag Award is Friday, April 1st, 2022.

Following the award of your school’s first Green Flag, each subsequent application is a “Renewal”, so-called as you are “renewing” your Green Flag award under a new theme. Schools must submit renewal applications every two years.

The application forms for all renewal schools are available at

Schools applying for their renewal Green Flags (Energy, Water, Travel, Biodiversity and the Global Citizenship themes) must first complete an assessment visit from a Green-Schools officer or Environment Awareness Officer before submitting their renewal application.

What is a “renewal visit”?

A renewal visit takes places during the second year of your Green-Schools programme. Typically, the visit is completed before you submit your renewal application form. Renewal visits are carried out either by your Local Authority Environment Awareness Officer or by Green-Schools staff., online or in-person. The purpose of the visit is so that Green-Schools can see you have an active Green-Schools programme in operation and that you have been maintaining previous themes in addition to working on your current theme. You do not need to have completed every step before the renewal visit, however this will need to be achieved prior to submitting your application. During the visit you will have the opportunity to show the assessor documentation such as folders, newsletters, posters, photos etc of your work and achievements over the past two years. To arrange your renewal visit please contact your local authority’s Environment Awareness Officer or Green-Schools. 

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