Green-Schools Projects

A number of projects operate within the Green-Schools programme. These projects complement our themes and are usually open to participants on a certain theme for a limited time period. These projects are usually aimed at specific school, classroom or age groups and may be offered depending on a school’s location or level of engagement with Green-Schools. Please click the link below for further information on these projects.

Safe Routes to School

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Programme, which is open to all schools in Ireland for active travel funding and delivery. The programme is an initiative of the Department of Transport and supported by the Department of Education. It will be operated by the Green-Schools Programme in partnership with the National Transport Authority (NTA) and the local authorities.




Let’s Fix Fashion

In October 2021, we invited secondary school students from schools working on the Global Citizenship Themes to help 

us to make a change in the world of fashionThe Let’s Fix Fashion project focuses on encouraging students to think deeper about the clothes they wear.




Global Goals Book Club

Each month the Global Citizenship team will select a new book for this club which will will help students learn all about a specific Global Goal. You will not have to buy the book as we have a link to someone reading the book for you every month, so you can just sit back and relax!

Click the link below to begin your reading/listening journey!




Global Classrooms

The international linking project began in late 2020 when Green-Schools joined forces with our colleagues and friends in Eco-Schools Kenya and Kenya Organisation for Environmental Education . The aim was co-creation of five workshops on five Global Goals: Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, Goal 13: Climate Action, Goal 14: Life Below Water, and Goal 15: Life on Land. Each school in Ireland and Kenya participating in the project was required to take action on their assigned global goal, creating an environment of interconnected learning and a greater understanding of the things the students have in common and things that may be different It was a great success and a fantastic global learning opportunity. 




Neat Streets

Fellow Environmental Education Unit Programme, Neat Streets, offers secondary schools who are currently working towards achieving the Green Flag for Litter and Waste or working on the Global Citizenship Litter and Waste an opportunity to get involved in Neat Streets. The programme is divided up into a number of primary stages over the academic year from registration to awards to help participants run a successful anti-litter and waste campaign. Each school will develop a Neat Streets model that best suits its own circumstances, as schools will identify different priorities and set specific targets following initial investigations. Participating students should be given flexibility to design a project they feel will be most effective in reaching their schoolmates and also engaging the wider community, with novel and creative ideas encouraged. Registrations open up at the beginning of each academic year and places are limited. Register your interest today!



Water Ambassador Programme

The Water Ambassador Programme is an initiative run by Green-Schools and sponsored by Irish Water. The Ambassador Programme offers secondary school students the opportunity to learn about this invaluable resource and to develop a campaign in their school and community to raise awareness about water conservation and reduce water waste. Find out more at the link below.



#andshecycles #andshecycles

Green-Schools Travel has been working with teenage girls to develop a campaign that shines a light on barriers that are preventing them from cycling and start some necessary conversations. #andshecycles is a national campaign that wants to help girls get back on their bikes while addressing some of the reasons they’re reluctant to in the first place. Read more about this campaign at the link below.




Green-Schools Travel will partner with ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) member who are the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network in Ireland, to host the EU Erasmus+ Project: Sustainable Mobility, Sustainable Community in Ireland. The three-year project will see students from four European countries collaborate to promote cycling, social inclusion and youth empowerment. ECF member Biciclistas de Corella will partner with IES Alhama High School in Spain, ECF member Frie Fugle Denmark will partner with Randersgades Skole in Copenhagen and Sūduvos Vietos Veiklos Grupė  in Lithuania will work with their own youth volunteers.



Investigate Forests

Investigate Forests is an exciting new project that allows students to learn about the importance of trees and forests. 100 schools around the country, who are working on the Biodiversity theme have signed up to take part this year. The project is being run jointly by LEAF (Learning About Forests) and Green Schools and is supported by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Investigate Forests


The SeaKeepers Project

The SeaKeepers Project is a new initiative of the Green-Schools Global Citizenship Marine Environment theme, which provides primary school teachers with a suite of resources and lesson plans focusing on the ecology of six native Irish marine species. Click the button below for more information.


The SeaKeepers Project


Climate Ambassador

Become a Climate Leader! Fellow Environmental Education Unit Programme, Climate Ambassador, is a great programme for secondary schools who are currently working towards achieving or renewing the Green-Schools Green Flag. The programme is a great opportunity for students to become leaders in their school, and network with other Climate Ambassadors nationwide from other secondary schools, college campus’, workplaces or community groups. Together the Climate Ambassador network promotes positive climate actions in a local context.




Cycle Bus Network

The Cycle Bus Network brings together volunteers from cycle buses all around Ireland to create a cycle bus community. In this Network, volunteer leaders can share their cycle bus expertise, tips, queries, and troubleshoot issues as they come up. The Network is an excellent platform for established cycle buses to help new cycles buses get started as well as share successes and challenges of running a cycle bus. As the goal of cycle buses is for children to cycle safely to school, this Network helps to unite cycle buses around the country and create more visibilityAs a member of the Cycle Bus Network, cycle buses have access to meetings, events, support and resources.  

Help us build a nationwide Cycle Bus Network by registering your Cycle Bus with Green-Schools to ensure that everyone can link in for advice, support and solidarity. 




Green-Schools Stay Home

Green-Schools are developing new and interactive activities that students can take part in from within the home environment. Activities promise to be fun and educational and can be completed individually or involve the whole family. Weekly activities, which are suitable for a wide range of age groups, will be added under the below themes. Share your feedback and your progress on our social media platforms tagging @greenschoolsire and use the #GreenSchoolsStayHome

Litter and Waste










Global Citizenship


The Marine Environment


Anytime Activities


Green-Schools Quizzes