The Green Schools Communications team visited the BT Young Scientist and Tech Exhibition at the RDS last week on the hunt for climate and sustainability related projects. We did not have to look very far as there were so many great projects across all categories, from biology to tech.

 Green Habits- an app that helps users create eco-friendly habits 

Sinead and Ellie from Colaiste Naomh Mhuire, Naas created an app- ‘Green Habits’ that lets users set eco-friendly weekly goals and habits. The app also has an information section about climate change and sustainability, a feedback option and a notes section. 

Watch your tree grow as your habits improve!

Making plastic out of fish scales 

Angelina O’Neill from PCH, Headford developed a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic using fish scales and algae base. We did not get a chance to speak with Angelina, but we were super impressed by her display and research!

Which compostable bin liner is the best for home composting? 

Alisha Manoj from St Andrews College, Dublin conducted a decomposition experiment and strength test on bin bags from five brands to find out the best one for home composting. The aim of her experiment was to give people interested in home composting a better view of how their choices are affecting the environment. 

Reduce energy bills by producing biogas 

Grace from Gaelcholaiste Chiarrai designed and built a biodigester from recyclable materials at home for producing biogas to combat the rising energy costs. It is a great, cheap alternative to produce gas while also reducing the kitchen waste from homes. We got to see the prototype of her biodigester which was amazing!

Sustainable Calculator 

Toby Tangney from Glanmire Community College, Cork developed a mobile app for data-informed purchasing of products from the market to promote sustainable choices. For his app, he built a database of verified information on item sustainability, developed a scoring system and design the app to enable consumers to access item scores by scanning the item barcode. His app has the ability to influence consumer choices towards more sustainable options.  

Sustainable Produce: Honesty boxes vs Supermarkets? 

Eanna Hickey and Grace O’Mahony from Colaiste na Toirbhirte, Cork investigated the sustainability of produce from honesty boxes in comparison to the produce found at supermarkets. For their project, they collected the data from three supermarkets and carried out interviews and surveys in the community. They also designed a mobile app prototype with three key elements: local honesty box finder, seasonal produce calendar and information on food miles and food packaging to promote sustainable food choices. 


Recycling nutrients 

Anton and Sé from St Colman’s College, Co. Down, investigated hydroponic farming system as an alternative method to growing crops. They grew lettuce for their project in three different nutrient sources- nettle, vegetable and plum. Their experiment proved that nettle leachate was the best for the crops due to various nutrients present in it. It is an excellent way to reuse unwanted weeds! 


An investigation into atmospheric microplastic contamination in both indoor and outdoor environments in North Cork area of Mallow and the potential health risks to humans

Students from St Mary’s Secondary School in Mallow, Cork investigated the level of atmospheric microplastic contamination in indoor and outdoor sampling sites in Co. Cork. Based on the evidence collected for the project, the students concluded that microplastics from various sources can become airborne, enter the atmosphere and can travel long distances before settling. The results help in establishing baseline knowledge of MP levels nationally to understand their health risks.

Cycle 4 Charge

Maebh and Sarah from Sacred Heart Secondary School, Cork designed a circuit that converts kinetic energy from a dynamo on a bicycle to electrical energy in order to charge a phone. Their project aimed to promote the use of sustainable energy sources in daily life.

And those are just a small sample of so many fantastic projects! We were absolutely inspired by the thought and research that went into each one.

Well done to all students who got involved in BTYSTE2023!