What is SeaKeepers?

The SeaKeepers Project runs from October – May and is available to schools currently working on, or previously awarded, the Global Citizenship: Marine Environment theme. The SeaKeepers resource pack includes six interactive lesson presentations, as well as a background information sheet, video links and activities relating to six Irish marine species. These materials will be relevant for the Living ThingsandEnvironmental Awareness and Care strands of the SESE curriculum and schools will receive access to the resources in both English and Irish language. At the end of the project, one lucky school will be selected at random to receive a prize of a free Beach Exploration Workshop at a beach near them before the summer holidays! 

Why marine biodiversity?

Our oceans, and our planet as a whole, are increasingly threatened by the current mass extinction crisis and climate change. Ireland has an extremely rich marine environment, but our marine species are suffering the effects of human-driven climate change, pollution, and overfishing among others.

As well as this, researchers are increasingly exploring the links between time spent in nature, having a sense of connection to nature and human mental health and well-being; and the positive impacts the natural world can have on our state of mind.

We believe that to really care about something you must first be aware of it, and have the opportunity to develop a personal, emotional connection to it. We hope that by increasing students’ knowledge of and interest in the animals and plants living near and in our seas, they will develop a personal appreciation for the coasts, for nature in general, and will be inspired to make more sustainable choices as they grow older, as well as improving their own well-being.

How do we take part?

The SeaKeepers Project 2022-2023 is now CLOSED for registrations. Keep an eye on our website in Autumn 2023 for information on how to sign up.

Registered participants should aim to complete all lessons by Friday 5th May, 2023 and will need to repeat their Species Identification Survey, and submit their Spring Data Collection Sheet by Friday, 12th May. Further information will be emailed to participants in due course.

If you have any queries about SeaKeepers, please contact Caoimhe at cobrienmoran@eeu.antaisce.org


The SeaKeepers Project is an initiative of the Green-Schools Global Citizenship Marine Environment theme, supported by the Marine section of the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.