Bike Parking

Safe Routes to School funded cycling parking

The delivery of cycle parking is one of three aims that the Safe Routes to School Programme works on towards improving the overall cycle infrastructure at schools. Since launching in 2021, 533 schools participating in the Safe Routes to School Programme have been allocated secure cycle parking facilities. This figure makes up almost 60% of schools who are participating on the programme.

Through the delivery of cycling infrastructure, there is great potential for a significant mode shift in how students travel to school across Ireland. We know from parent surveys undertaken in 2021 that having a secure place to park a bike can make a difference in families choosing to cycle to school. The survey revealed that almost a third of parents said that the provision of cycle parking at schools would encourage them to have their children cycle to school. Principals at schools across Ireland also advocate that having secure cycle parking within the school grounds has supported an increase of students arriving to school by bike. Watch this video to learn directly from students and school staff on how cycle parking at schools has benefited and supported more students to make a healthy, safer and more sustainable active travel journey to school.

Safe Routes to School funded scooter parking

For the first time since the programme launch, schools participating in the Safe Routes to School Programme will also be able to apply for scooter parking. Scooter parking frames are suitable for active travel kick-scooters (not electric scooters).

Applying for 2023 cycle and scooter parking delivery:

Applications are now closed for cycle and scooter parking. They will open again in September 2023. Eligible schools will be contacted by email inviting them to make an online application.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Expression of Interest letter was sent to all schools in Ireland in March 2021 and all 931 applying schools were brought onto the Safe Routes to School programme in rounds. All 931 participating schools, regardless of their position within the programme rounds, are eligible to make an application to apply for funded cycle/scooter parking.

Yes, if your school has the demand for increased cycle and/or scooter parking provision you can make an application.

At present, SRTS aims to firstly provide cycle parking to all 931 schools on the programme before assessing the demand for supplying extra cycle parking at participating schools. As scooter parking has opened up for schools participating in the SRTS  programme, school who have already received cycle parking can apply for first-time scooter parking.

An engineer will conduct a site survey at the school prior to installation. They will work with the school in identifying the safest and most suitable position for the cycle parking. The steel frame requires a flat and level surface for secure installation. Ground works may be required to ensure the shelter and bike stands are securely installed. Please ensure that no other ground works will be occurring or planned where the cycle parking is due to be installed.

Applications are made in September at the beginning of the academic year and processed after the deadline closes. Site visits usually commence in early spring of the next year. The installation of cycle and scooter parking to schools across Ireland usually commences in advance of the summer break and continues through until the Christmas break. Schools work with a dedicated SRTS Cycle Administrator Officer to arrange for the scheduling of site visits and installation.

Once the cycle/scooter parking is installed, the school will sign a collateral warranty form with the assigned contractor. This document states that should any damages happen to the parking, the school are required to make contact with the assigned contractor regarding repairs. 


What types and scale of parking is available?

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