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Global Citizenship & the Global Goals

In September 2015, at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, 193 world leaders adopted the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the Sustainable Development Goals (Also known as The Global Goals)

There are 17 goals and targets that outline a vision for the future, for people and the planet. They have the power to achieve three great things: End poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. The Global Goals are a great way to introduce different Global Citizenship topics into the classroom.

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Green-Schools have put together a collection of short videos, fun indoor and outdoor activities and lesson plans to help you understand what the Global Goals are all about. We have less than a decade of action to achieve these goals.. will you help us spread the word?

Day 1: You can start by watching some videos that introduce the Global Goals

Day 2: Watch this video made by Green-Schools with the help of some primary schools in Cork

Then fill the activity sheet below “Linking the Global Goals for Sustainable Development” . This will get you thinking about actions already taking place in the school or perhaps might be a future action to take. These actions can then be used in your Global Citizenship action plan.

Day 3: Sometimes to get others to pay attention to what you are trying to say, you need to make them laugh!

Why not try out the “Dizzy Goal Challenge” Watch this video and learn how to take part:

Day 4: Everyone can be a Goalkeeper activity

In this activity you will revise the Global Goals again and discover the special talents and characteristics you already have that will help achieve the Global Goals. You will learn what other schools and students have done to take action. We would love to see some of your drawings when you are finished!

Day 5: Global Goals Colour Walk.

This is a fun activity that you can do around the house or on a walk with your family

Day 6: Global Goal Word Search and Dictionary Activity

Day 7: Now that you have learned lots why not take part in the Green-Schools Quiz on the Sustainable Development Goals?

We hope you had fun investigating the Global Goals, if you want to learn more, why not take part in our Global Goals Book Club?

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