25 September 2020

Survey Suggestions

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Use some of these survey questions to see how much your students (and staff!) have learnt about climate change before and after #ClimateActionWeek.

7 July 2020


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Why not take part in a Bioblitz! Race around your garden or local area and count how many living things you can find! Download your Bioblitz activity guide by clicking on the green download button at the end of the page, you can also find various templates for many species by clicking on any of [...]

5 June 2019

Air Quality Toolkit – Causes of Local Air Pollution Survey P25

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This on page 25 of the Air Quality Toolkit, students survey the factors that may cause air pollution around the school or within the local area. As part of the activity students walk around then school grounds or chosen area and note any factors they can see across the landscape that may be a source [...]

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